Saturday, October 26, 2013

After Dr Appointment

We went to the doctor this AM for a check up. Three hours later we started our errands. Surprisingly he was calm. He is so precious even if he is so tiny.

We were seeing the doctor weekly then biweekly. In August Jace weighed 17.7lbs. In October he weighed 16.7lbs. The doctor wanted to check his hemoglobin levels to make certain we didn't miss anything. 14.4 which according to him is excellent.

Doctor said what we are doing is working.

I have added fish oil, no beef, no dairy, no avocado, no coconut and no nuts.

I was surprised at how good he looked this morning. I had a grilled chicken sandwich from TGI Fridays yesterday. I cleared my plate in clouding the bread bun. The doctor said it would be safe to add but I was skeptical.

Doctor visit
Doctor Baker - PEDs
Weight: 17.1lbs
Head circumference: 46 1/4 cm
So stinking CUTE!

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