Sunday, November 9, 2014

Race cars

He loves the race car set Nana bought!

Birthday Presents

Presents time!

Happy 2nd Birthday

Birthday cake was a success!

2nd Birthday

Jace's 2nd Birthday was Thursday, November 6th, but we had a party over the weekend. The party was at Kids Kingdom.

We arrived early which gave the kids a moment to run around before everyone arrived. My husband was a little nervous that no one would show up. Maybe it is living in Las Vegas or the people we know but we have a problem with RSVPs and people actually showing up.

I don't know if other moms experience this but it always seems like the same people always flake. My husband says not to expect anything or don't take it personally, but how can I not when you say you will be there and then just don't show up. Then there are those who don't call and avoid me like they are embarrassed that they cannot come. Do I say nothing and continue to support them and their children? This seems petty but it could ruin relationships. One person I really want to like, but she is the biggest let down of all. She is my husbands friend and for the past three birthdays I have tried to "understand" but she is not a friend if she doesn't show when she says she will.

I suppose the more positive approach would be to focus on the relationships of those people who do make an effort. I was so glad to see a few people and appreciate that they took time out of their weekend to hang out with my small children.

Batman Hat

I am selling hats for a craft event this weekend. It started as an event to support a friend and her personal business and turned into a huge deal. I have a ton of orders, but the biggest little thieves are my children. So far Jace has taken the batman hat and the spider-man hat. He seems to really love them though and with the cuteness how can you resist.

He walks up to the hats or the styrofoam heads wearing them and growls. My favorite was when he put it on and said "Daddy!" and pointed to the batman symbol! I LOVE it! It's so precious! The photos are blurry but still adorable.

So stinking cute. He is waiting for dad who is outside starting up the Grill. He plants himself in front of the back door and waits for dad. It was somewhat cold so we didn't want him outside.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Allergy Update - November

Allergic Food List:

Wheat, Dairy (includes milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt), Coconut, Soy (oil, beans), Nuts (peanuts, almonds, cashews, walnuts, macadamia, pine nuts), Seeds (sesame, pumpkin, flax), Tomatoes, Pineapple, Strawberries, Raspberries, Cherries, Lemon, Lime, Oranges, Citric Acid, Sweet Potatoes, Beans (black beans, pinto beans, lentils), green beans, peas, oregano, cinnamon, garlic and carrots.

Non-Food Allergic Items: 
dogs, polyester, carpet, petroleum (Vaseline), mold, disposable diapers, flame retardant, red and blue dye

Update for NOVEMBER: 

This month we are adding garlic, carrots and flame retardant to the allergy list. 

The decision on the apples is still undergoing. It doesn't seem to be a problem after we re-introduced them, but I am skeptical. He did not get better after they were omitted, but that doesn't mean he isn't allergic to many more items. There is still something that is causing him an intense rash we just haven't been able to figure out what it is. 


I went through the kids clothing and trashed everything that indicated Flame Resistant on the label. If any governing entity ordered companies to remove this deadly chemical from clothing 50 years ago... these companies didn't get the memo. I noticed after going through everything we own that the fabric tag indicates FLAME RESISTANCE and other are marked NOT FLAME RESISTANCE.  

I was pleased with the brands like CARTER that actually indicate their clothing is NOT Flame Resistant. After reading what the chemical does to your body I am horrified that my children would sleep wearing it on their bodies. I hope maybe I can take comfort in the fact that these are second hand clothes and have been washed so many times that maybe the effect is minimal.

According to this article and many others I've read, this chemical has been linked to cancer, reproductive problems, fetal brain development and thyroid problems. Since my child has severe allergies and the doctor indicated his this could be a sign of thyroid-ism problems, we are taking no chances.

The most alarming find was that it is also put into GATORADE the sports drink. What kind of logic in any demented world makes that okay? 

Spider-man costume

Since infant size in SUPER HERO was near impossible to find for a Halloween costume, I used pajamas. Luckily I was able to find 100% cotton SPIDER-MAN pajamas that are specifically marked NOT FLAME RESISTANT on the label. (I have recently discovered the government allows this toxic chemical to be added to kids clothing so I am on a mission. No FLAME RETARDANT items allowed for my children.)

$6.00 pajamas at Wal-Mart turned into an awesome costume combined with his Spider-man hat I made. He was so excited! At that price I bought a batman outfit also to match his batman hat in case he somehow changed his mind.

It was 85 degrees during the day so it wasn't very cold at night. Hence sister didn't want to wear her Elsa hat or cape that went with her dress. I don't blame her it wasn't very cold. So we braided her hair around the side of her head and to drape down her shoulder.

They were so stinking cute.

Halloween Day

Halloween was a gorgeous day. It was 85 degrees outside. We spent most of the day at Nana's house. The kids spent most of the time playing in the backyard. Jace played with the PINK stroller while we carved pumpkins. 

Although Madi played dress up for a bit as well. She discovered a set of pink curtains that my mom used to have hanging in the spare (Madison's) room. 

Pumpkin Carving

We decided to buy two more pumpkins after the last (free) pumpkin rotted within days of carving it. I can't complain it was free.

Madison did a great job choosing these. They were thick and with great stems. I of course did the hard part of cleaning out the guts and seeds to make sure they were clean for carving. My princess daughter didn't want to touch the inside because it was gooey.

I had to start the jagged carving tool for her. It was part of a simple carving kit with small handles but the tools did a great job at cutting straight through the pumpkin.

She did a great job following exactly where to cut the pumpkin. I drew one and my mom drew the other. I figured this was a much better than actually taping a sketch to the side of a non-flat surface and trying to explain how to cut and where not to cut. Maybe in a few years...

The idea or inspiration originated from Nightmare before Christmas... and this is sister and brother or girl and boy jack-o-lanterns.

Candles and small kids never are a good idea. I happened to be at the dollar store and came across LED lights in packs of two for $1. We put two them in the pumpkins then I also added them to the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket so it would also glow while she carried it from door to door.

They looked awesome! I was really impressed. They didn't last very long after carving them. I purchased them about a week early. I of course left ours inside the house as it was 85 degrees during the day, but I noticed a few people who carved theirs early had problems with keeping them alive for Halloween.

Happy Halloween! or (Nevada DAY!)

Halloween Party

Madison decided instead of wearing her Elsa Frozen outfit to school for their holiday party she wanted to be a Princess Kitty so she could wear her shiny dress. How could I say no... Halloween is also Nevada day so for people luck enough to live in the state of Nevada most of the schools, banks, etc are closed. 

They changed the rules since I was little. Nevada day is actually Halloween. The day the great state of Nevada became an actual state. When I was younger we had Halloween off from school because it was deemed a state holiday. Now they made it a rule that businesses close the last Friday of the month of October in honor of Nevada day. So this year we were lucky to have it fall on Halloween.

Jace is fascinated by Spider-man. Madison put on her hat and he ran to get his. He was adorable every time someone commented on his hat he would point to his head and say RAWWRRRR!

So freaking CUTE!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sister on Skates

Thank goodness for the wall. She was able to get around pretty good with the security of the wall. I think using the rentals was a better idea than her blades as she seemed to be a little more comfortable.

Leona's Birthday Party

It's hard to discuss personal matters on blogs. You never know who might be reading them. Maybe one day her mother will read this and realize how much she's missed out on her daughters life because of her selfish drug use.

Leona turned ten! [Since last year her mother dropped her off at a park (stole the gift cards, money and left her daughter there for a birthday party with nothing and no one but me...) this year I was determined to make sure this girl had a real birthday party and that her mother didn't ruin it.]

We started with invitations custom made for her special day. She was allowed to invite ten friends to the skating rink for 2 hours of special fun.

We did a ton of balloons, pizza and chicken fingers, cotton candy, soda and a ton of glow in the dark accessories. My mother made fancy blue cupcakes with horse toppers. She is obsessed with horses so we made sure to incorporate them.

She opened our gift and sqealed so loud I thought maybe a bug had jumped into the bag. She screamed "My aunt made this for me her self!". I made her a hand crocheted teal hat with beige flower and black and beige stripe (It's one of my hidden talents... I do sell them if anyone reading this blog ever cared).

She was ecstatic jumping up and down then saw the matching shirt with a glittering picture of a horse and long pants. I was near tears. I watched as I have never seen her so happy or smile so large. 

Grama made gift bags for the kids. It was really thoughtful. They included beaded bracelet kits where you can make your own beaded My Little Pony type bracelet, Glow in the dark bracelets, rings, bubbles and a cowboy bandanna.

Madison of course idolizes her big cousin. She wasn't quite able to keep up with her on skates but Leona was so good to her to include her in everything even thought she is five years younger than her. 

We have discussed adoption of both Leona and her older brother. It is a big deal to agree to accept two more children into your home. Not only two more kids but older kids with a troubled background. I wish things were different, Maybe one day the kids will know how much we tried and how much we love them, or even better maybe one day his sister will stop stealing money, doing drugs and abandoning her children. 

The worst part his parents don't want us to take the kids. I get that sort of. I mean they don't want to burden us with them or maybe it is selfish reasons they think they don't want to take them away from their daughter, but she shouldn't be allowed to abuse those kids the way she does. Either way when his parents pass and there is no more unlimited funds, the daughter will be gone... and then what will happen to the kids. The damage their mother has inflicted on them is already done, but I swore I would be there no matter what so I will continue to fight for them and if I must I will plan and ensure they have every holiday and party as my kids would. 

Legally I don't have much backbone to stand on. To adopt them I would have to buy a bigger house to prove I am a better option than where they currently reside. The issue then becomes a matter between my husband and myself... I would have to turn in his sister and his parents... and then what problems would that cause in my own marriage... and if it didn't work out worse case they would be turned over to the state. I have my moments where I wonder if that would be a better option... but this day was not one of them. She was the happiest little girl I had ever seen. I don't think I've even seen my own children this elated before.

Jace on Skates

Leona turned 10 this week. I put together a party for her at the Crystal Palace Skating rink here in Las Vegas. My husband and I grew up there so I thought I knew what I was getting myself into. I started skating when I was four years old. I continued through serious competitive roller speed skating until I was sixteen. My husband was the coolest skater I knew (but don't tell him I said that). Yes we've known each other that long. (a strange but cool story I suppose lol).

The skating rink is the same place just completely different. The carpet was changed it is intense but fun. The lighting is completely different with new technology LED glow lights everywhere. They changed a lot, which I am sure is necessary if you want to stay an active business.

The saddest part. There is no more roller-speed skating. Not a single team here. I guess it was a popular thing in the 90's and died off when ice-speed skating was introduced into the 2002 Winter Olympics. I knew when they were scouting for Olympic Development in about 1996 they were ecstatic at the possibilities of skating int he Olympics, but I knew if it went ice no one would be interested in roller.

Now 12 years later there is no roller-speed team left in Las Vegas. 
So back to the party... We invited 10 girls and the rest family. I had no intention of skating. My daughter brought some skates she had received from Grama. Jace tried to run onto the floor first chance he got. Hence we both ended up in skates.

He tried to take off with only one skate on. I was surprised they fit since they are a size too big. He was determined. I thought I was little when I started but almost two and he is on roller skates. I think because it is in his bones. I mean their parents met at the skating rink. Without that place my life would be drastically different for one I wouldn't have met my husband.

I suppose his fascination with the skates makes sense since he loves everything and anything with wheels. They were adorable. I was surprised. When you are a "speed-skater" you don't wear the gross rental skates. However they are new. Thank goodness! I would've been a little weird-ed out if they were the exact same skates from when I was little. 

When I was younger the floor was a little different. I would plop myself on the floor for whatever reason. Now it just felt so foreign. It has changed a lot seeing as with speed-skating and then came roller-hockey the rink smelled like sweat, dirty feet and grease. It of course was a very distinct smell. I didn't know at the time but my younger sister would always tease me when I got home from practice (and we practiced 3 times a day for Regionals) that I smelled like the skating-rink. I thought cool, but it really wasn't a compliment.

NOW it didn't smell. They must've upgraded their AC units or ventilation or since there is no more speed-skating or dirty hockey gear there is less sweat and dirty feet everywhere. 

He seemed to be fascinated with the wheels. Part of me is sad though my kids will never know the thrill of being on a competitive speed-skating team or racing the way I knew it. Sure skating at the public sessions is fun I did it every day sometimes multiple sessions a day, but it just isn't the same as racing. 

Maybe by the time they are old enough to race they will start another team. The owner's son or possibly the owner now did say it comes and goes but it was huge in the 90's that is for sure.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No Apples Lunch

The goal was to get through the week with no apples and no outbreaks. Yesterday after lunch and before the pear sauce Jace looked GREAT.

He had goat yogurt mixed with a corn puff organic cereal. I half expected a bright red reaction but there was NONE. My worries about him being allergic to the yogurt though are still there. 

This is him after lunch and before his pear sauce. There isn't a photo after he ate the pears because he didn't want them. You can see the small raspberry patch on the side of his mouth. This is a drastic improvement from what he originally looked like, but it flares up and can split open. The problem is when it cuts open food get in it along with dirt and bacteria causing it to become infected. We worry about staph and those horrible skin infections that could cause serious harm if not scaring.

Jace was still hungry after dinner last night. We had pork and brown rice. After which my husband gave him another carrot pancake. He appeared extremely happy and didn't have any breakout. He was still hungry which I don't blame him since I feel like his food intact is limited to such a small variety. 

We gave him a bowl of goat yogurt and within two minutes he broke out in hives all down his chin around his lips and side of his face. It was bright red. I don't understand how the SAME yogurt will give him a reaction at dinner but won't be a problem at lunch. It just doesn't seem fair.

Last night I was forced to give him more benadryl. Of course we have to make sure it is the dye free kind and cannot be cherry or grape flavored. This was bubblegum flavored. He seems to like to take it just wish I knew what it did to his body. It scares me to think what the damage or the long term effect could be.

This morning his belly was flat and his face looked fantastic. After his two pancakes he seemed a little red. Not anything I would suggest a reaction. I also gave him a carrot banana smoothie. I feel like the vitamin A helps him. Since he is allergic to all the ingredients in the vitamins I feel like he needs them somewhere.

Today I did not give him any apples or yogurt. I am sure he is going to be disappointed at snack time, but we will see if it makes a difference. The fluid definitely had subsided over night. He was babbling the entire way to the sitters. 

The idea is that with every allergic reaction there is fluid and mucus it is our bodies natural defense. The problem is that with him it is constant. So his ears are always filled with fluid hence why he doesn't speak. The alternative is tubes, but with his severe reactions the doctor is worried that putting him under could cause a worse reaction that would set us back to the beginning. Doesn't seem fair...

Condition Update - Apples

Our adventure with no apples hasn't been a very successful one. He woke up looking fantastic yesterday morning. I was a little cautious when I gave him his pancakes. (organic modified batter I made baked in a donut tin. The kids LOVE them.)

I usually add apples to the batter but this time I omitted the apples and added extra carrots instead. if he is allergic to apples I need to make sure he doesn't come in contact with them at all. When he woke he had a slight rash under his lip but not an angry, aggressive outbreak like he normally has after he eats.

He looked great after breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday for lunch however he did not want anything to do with the pear sauce. He loves the sour foods and any type of fruit he spits out. He would be content with living off plain sour goat yogurt if I let him. 

His belly was almost completely flat Tuesday morning. My husband says it doesn't matter what he eats it is when he eats that he has a reaction. 

Is it possible he is allergic to his own saliva? 

I mean he drools and everything passes over his face. I have noticed if certain foods get on his face it is an instant allergic reaction. There has to be an answer or an alternative. I am not ready to believe this cannot be solved or that he will live like this for the rest of his life. I also am not ready to put him on allergy meds and subject him to that sort of lifestyle for the rest of his life.