Monday, November 3, 2014

Spider-man costume

Since infant size in SUPER HERO was near impossible to find for a Halloween costume, I used pajamas. Luckily I was able to find 100% cotton SPIDER-MAN pajamas that are specifically marked NOT FLAME RESISTANT on the label. (I have recently discovered the government allows this toxic chemical to be added to kids clothing so I am on a mission. No FLAME RETARDANT items allowed for my children.)

$6.00 pajamas at Wal-Mart turned into an awesome costume combined with his Spider-man hat I made. He was so excited! At that price I bought a batman outfit also to match his batman hat in case he somehow changed his mind.

It was 85 degrees during the day so it wasn't very cold at night. Hence sister didn't want to wear her Elsa hat or cape that went with her dress. I don't blame her it wasn't very cold. So we braided her hair around the side of her head and to drape down her shoulder.

They were so stinking cute.

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