Friday, August 23, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bright and Early

Big sister woke with a bloody nose. Poor thing had blood everywhere. Perhaps on her way to wake mom she woke brother.

It was still dark outside and She is wide awake freaked out by the massive amount of blood everywhere. Of course I don't blame her. Jace was cooing in his bed. Not an excited I'm awake coo but a purposeful investigative hey-come-get-me sound.

Glad this chair has suddenly become useful. The bath chair we used while sister took a bath and I tried to wake up.

He looks so much better today!

Car seat cover

We are currently working to recover our car seat. I've discovered when Jace is in his seat for long periods (like to the store and back) he gets progressively redder. Turns out he is having an allergic reaction to polyester.

We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat. I contacted the manufacture but they only carry 100% polyester products. They said they could not sell me a pattern nor could they custom make one because it wouldn't have been crash tested. I didn't realize every time they change the carseat cover they crash test them.

I have Chicco car seat, pack and play and highchair that are all 100% polyester. It's strange to watch especially when he sits in the high chair. His face turns bright red.

So far this cover is an in between until the cotton cover is completed. We bought fabric now figuring out how to put it together is the challenge.

It is crazy how just covering it has helped the rash subside. Some doctor's swear this is eczema, but the typical case of eczema doesn't react to the fabric they sit on or get worse when given antibiotics and steroids.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sitting up

Jace has figured out how to sit and wiggles around when flat. He has yet to figure out how to move from a sitting position.

He has an obsession with licking everything. His favorites include the biggest toys or objects around. I think his favorite color might be yellow as he seems to always go for yellow.

More Yellow Herbs

I'm skeptical about these herbs. Maybe they reduce the redness but it just comes back every morning. It's almost as if his skin can't hold moisture and dries out. Two more weeks of this and if no improvement into the next idea.

We switched the soaps from Rocking Green detergent to Bumgenius. I will say a huge improvement on the diaper area.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hidden Moments

Even with everything going on he still is an amazingly happy and alert child. Such am added delight into our lives.

Before Acupuncture

These are photos prior to Jace trying acupuncture. The skin is inflamed red and extremely hot to the touch. It would ooze oils that literally would burn his skin clean off like acid.

We are not cured but its a relief to have patches of skin poking through. It's amazing what a different baby he is. With the majority of his body inflamed and hot he didn't want anyone touching or holding him that ran hotter. My husband is naturally hotter so he didn't want anything to do with him. Me on the other hand I run a degree or two cooler than normal so I was his relief.

Now that he's starting to heal he loves hanging out with his dad. They are so precious together which has helped give me a break as well.

Yellow Skin

Chinese Herbs... It looks bizarre but so far this has been the only thing that has helped us. This looks awful but its amazing compared to what it looked like. The dead skin dries up and flakes off the difference the oozing and raw skin has diappeared.

Simple eczema rash

Eczema? This was a few weeks ago after an unexplained flare up. The hardest part about all of this is not knowing.

My problem is I feel like I did this to him. It really is heart breaking. I shouldn't have eaten this while pregnant or taken that or done this... At least this newest doctor tells me nothing I could've done its in our genes... Although I might've done something right by avoiding his shots.

While I'm not anti vaccines I did not vaccinate my children. Had I not had complications during pregnancy and had healthy children yes I probably would've done the shots. Only I have children with compromised immune systems.

Eczema is a blanket answer even if it is an answer. It's used to describe the allergic reaction or something unknown. Because it could be anything it is very hard to cure.

The bandaid cure is steroids. I feel bad for those parents that trust the doctors so willingly. Steroids will (hopefully unless your Jace) clear the reaction. However it doesn't actually clear the allergy. It suppresses it deeper into the child's body so he or she will have complications later on in life.

A couple at my daughters dance class has a boy Jace's age. He too was diagnosed with eczema. Only his parents use steroid cream. It sounds like they have to use it pretty regularly. If they don't use it the rashes will come back. I feel bad for them. Obviously their child is allergic to something or is having complications with something... So scary the long term effects it will have.

The weird part is the glossed over look he gets in his eyes when it happens. You can't tell in this photo but its heart breaking to watch as the hives or red tiny bumps slowly spread. You can literally see them spreading. This was after feeding which I may have narrowed it down to Coconut. So at least we are off coconut.

Clever moments

Such a curious little boy. He is so different than his sister. So far he has already figured out how to pull apart his seat. He also figured out how to use the edge of the tray as an extended arm to pull objects out of reach closer towards himself. Clever little guy.

Baby Feet

I love love his feet. They are so precious.


Yellow herbs

Yellow herbs

I took Jace to acupuncture last weekend for the first time. The dr gave us some yellow Chinese Herbs along with some to take orally. At first I was skeptical. He looked like he started to improve then by Wednesday he looked awful.

We went back on Saturday. She did more needles and we are continuing on with these yellow herbs. It's a pill I crush into a powder and then make into a loose paste which turns his skin yellow. It's bizarre. It dries up the dead skin so there are patches of yellow flakes of skin while new fresh skin is visible underneath. This is the first time we have seen his face since he was about 3 months old. I'm nervous about getting too excited but crossing fingers.

Hopefully I can get my insurance to reimburse us for some of the cost. It is not cheap. Lets just hope it works.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Baby

Curious Baby

Curious Baby

We switched from a Nanny who was caring for Jace and only Jace back to a home daycare sitter.

I was nervous about leaving Jace at a house all day with a number of children.

Day 3 at the sitters and so far he looks less red, less peeling skin and no repetitive scratch marks. On top of that the sitter changed him regularly and is comfortable with the reusable diapers so he had zero wardrobe changes.

He seems a little more irritated when I left. With the Nanny he would willingly go to her and would coo at her. This morning he did not want to let me go and fussed that I was leaving. The sitter said he likes watching the other kids which I think is good for him. I am a little nervous... it is almost like they start out perfect trying to please you and then the get comfortable a few months later and things start to change.

Last night however Jace was awake until 12:30AM when I finally just had enough and let him cry for about 10 minutes before he fell asleep. He would rub his face on my shoulder and whimper. I know it itches but not sure why he was awake. He figured out how to pull the bumper down to see out the crib. it's 100% Organic Cotton so it's not thick and easy to move. The problem... he bangs his head on the wood to get our attention. we might need to go back to the other bedding.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Avocado Oil

Avocado oil

Avocado oil

we have resorted to smothering Jaces skin with natural oils. it is as if his skin loses moisture regularly. since covering his dry skin with avocado oil it appears less red and is not as dry or peeling.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Difficult Times

Mommy Time

Mommy Time

Today was rough. Jace wanted every waking moment of my attention. I have yet to figure out what is causing his condition but it is starting to melt together. pretty soon his entire body will be covered. it's very hot to the touch. it peels, leaks by oozing oils, flakes off, scabs, bleeds, and worst of all itches. I am sure it burns too the way he cries.

Today he ate organic yellow squash and loved it. No allergic reaction to yellow squash.

Baby Chew toys

Dangerous idea for a baby

Dangerous idea for a baby

I am extremely bothered by these silicone beads that are advertised as chew items for small children.

Does this not teach or condone putting small objects into your mouth? I think what bothers me the most is that my friend thinks that buying a knock of version is safe. Michael's Crafts is selling some sort of silicone beads made in China for $4.99. While the signs don't advertise that these are chew toys specifically made for children parents are buying them as such.

At least the CHEWBEADS brand is advertising them as infant friendly stating they are free of a list of harmful ingredients. The beads from Michael's for all we know could be painted with lead paint

This has been really bothering me the last few days. Although I don't condone the behavior of teaching a small child it is okay to put small objects into their mouths I really like the jewelry. It's not for the concept of chew toys but for the healthy concept.

We as moms wear this jewelry around our necks draped down our chest. I'm not saying that all jewelry may or may not cause breast cancer but it is something to think about... most of the cheap jewelry the average woman wears to work or out is made in China more than likely with lead paint... just a thought... that's why I would buy this CHEWBEADS jewelry... although I wouldn't let my child chew on it even if its not toxic.

Breakout with Sweet-potatoes

After the sweet potatoes Jace turned red. it's not as bad as when we put creams on him, but its uncomfortable for him.

How is it possible he is allergic to everything he comes in contact with?