Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Baby

Curious Baby

Curious Baby

We switched from a Nanny who was caring for Jace and only Jace back to a home daycare sitter.

I was nervous about leaving Jace at a house all day with a number of children.

Day 3 at the sitters and so far he looks less red, less peeling skin and no repetitive scratch marks. On top of that the sitter changed him regularly and is comfortable with the reusable diapers so he had zero wardrobe changes.

He seems a little more irritated when I left. With the Nanny he would willingly go to her and would coo at her. This morning he did not want to let me go and fussed that I was leaving. The sitter said he likes watching the other kids which I think is good for him. I am a little nervous... it is almost like they start out perfect trying to please you and then the get comfortable a few months later and things start to change.

Last night however Jace was awake until 12:30AM when I finally just had enough and let him cry for about 10 minutes before he fell asleep. He would rub his face on my shoulder and whimper. I know it itches but not sure why he was awake. He figured out how to pull the bumper down to see out the crib. it's 100% Organic Cotton so it's not thick and easy to move. The problem... he bangs his head on the wood to get our attention. we might need to go back to the other bedding.

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