Thursday, August 22, 2013

Car seat cover

We are currently working to recover our car seat. I've discovered when Jace is in his seat for long periods (like to the store and back) he gets progressively redder. Turns out he is having an allergic reaction to polyester.

We have a Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat. I contacted the manufacture but they only carry 100% polyester products. They said they could not sell me a pattern nor could they custom make one because it wouldn't have been crash tested. I didn't realize every time they change the carseat cover they crash test them.

I have Chicco car seat, pack and play and highchair that are all 100% polyester. It's strange to watch especially when he sits in the high chair. His face turns bright red.

So far this cover is an in between until the cotton cover is completed. We bought fabric now figuring out how to put it together is the challenge.

It is crazy how just covering it has helped the rash subside. Some doctor's swear this is eczema, but the typical case of eczema doesn't react to the fabric they sit on or get worse when given antibiotics and steroids.

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