Thursday, February 20, 2014

Window watching

Sometimes you can hear dad pull up. He darts to the window to check. He is getting so big.


He loves cars or anything that he can ride. He is very boy.


Skin looks great and then we eat. Haven't figured out why any food all food makes him red.

Pink roses day

Sometimes more often then not dad realizes how hard it is on me getting up throughout the night to feed and comfort a sick baby.

It's nice to feel appreciated :)

Monkey toy

Growing and day by day our face is healing.

Sibling love

Sister loves him to pieces!


Jenna Neal
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First Hair cut

First hair cut with Grama.

Santa Claus

Santa. My mothers work put together a private Santa day at the Natural History museum. It was a success.

Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree at Town Square is massive. We happened to be by there so I left my kids play for a moment under the tree.

13 months

Some days he looks like small boy. Other days well.

Valentines day 2014

For Valentines day my sister sent the kids a gift box. Jace loves putting items into something then pulling them out. So he took his present and that's what he did until it started to tear. He noticed a piece and began pulling to discover a toy car. It was so precious he immediately took off across the floor trying to make it go paper box and all.

16 months