Saturday, November 16, 2013

Petunia Picklebottom Review

I ordered the Sunlit Stockholm Sashay Satchel for a trip. The funny part is I ordered it from Petunia Picklebottoms Outlet site. I needed it for a trip and when I realized I may not get it in time I bought another one from Amazon Prime. Of course I got both at the same time so now I have two.

First off the bag is a gorgeous eye watering yellow. It's the glazed one so seems durable enough. I dragged this bag through two airports with two children to an outside rehearsal dinner by a pool and left it on the floor in a warehouse at a wedding. I thought for sure when I left it at the wedding it would be ruined. The wedding was at an old antique abandoned warehouse. the floors were dusty cement and the spot where we (the wedding party) were able to leave our items was next to the bathroom. There is no indication of such treatment anywhere on this bag. My lovely pleather coach bag which I use just to random store visits look worse than this.

The best feature was the instant backpack option. I didn't think this would be something I would ever use. I was completely wrong. Traveling with a small infant and four year old it was essential. It fit under the seat in the airplane which was a bonus. When I didn't want to use the backpack I slipped the straps into the back pouch and it easily became a purse.

This was my first Petunia Pickle bottom purchase and I feel like I am addicted. The outlet sent the bag in excellent condition with a simple $5 shipping charge. I received the items in 3 days. I was impressed with the packaging. it was much nicer than the bag that came from Amazon.

The inside is different than most of my other bags. the shape allows for deep pockets and a narrow top. Currently it holds 3 reusable BumGenius diapers, 1 wet bag, 3 outfits, receiving blanket, socks, baby wipes, hand wipes, changing mat, iPad, and my Coach clutch.

I like the easy access front pocket. There is a designated spot for my phone and keys. The changing pad is more durable than I expected. My Coach changing mat is flimsy and gross. This is definitely much better. Although my favorite changing mat came with the KateSpade bag. However it's big and bulky when folded up. This one folds neatly with a designated pouch to keep it securely in place. The side pockets fit random teething toys, my iphone, and keys. I can see how others may be disappointed about the putter side pockets as I don't think my bottles would fit in them. Although I use BornFree Glass bottles. They are heavier and wider. They do fit in the inner side pockets though.

We also bought the iPad case. It was essential while traveling to have a case. I just had to have something that matched. I was impressed. I fits our iPad perfectly. It even fits out kindle fire HD should we choose to switch them out. This fit in the front pouch with a coloring book and box of crayons easily enough.

I read almost every review. I watched Utube videos on what people pack inside the bag. It definitely has a wide bottom so if you don't like stacking items you may not like it. I love it because unlike my tote Coach and Kate Spade bag nothing falls out if I bend over to pick up the baby. Also it's so much easier to pack than my tote Coach bag which is bigger and much heavier.

Gluten Free Oatmeal

Gluten free oatmeal my favorite breast feeding breakfast. There's something about oatmeal that helps breastfeeding.

The stores sell oatmeal in quick and easy packs for working adults. They are absolutely useful except for when you have food allergies or are smarter than the average person. Most of the store bought prepackaged goods have artificial flavors, sugars, and even added wheat flour.

So a simple idea to eat health and also save time in the morning is make your own per packaged oatmeal packs.

Items required:
Gluten free oats
brown sugar (optional)
(dehydrated fruit i.e. apples)
ziplock baggies
sticky labels
measuring cups/spoons

Measure 1/3 cups of the gluten free oats and place into the ziplock bag. Add 1 tsp of brown sugar (optional). Add sticky label with directions. This particular brand requires 2/3 cups of water and to cook for 2 minutes. If you decide to microwave this, place a wet or damp paper towel over the bowl and stir ever 30 seconds.

Add fruit if you choose. I would only add fruit if you make it yourself. Rather simple if you have a dehydrator otherwise I believe product is coated with sugar.

I keep a bag in my purse. The are great for breakfast or an early morning sack. I also make TO-GO packs for baby. we don't add sugar to his.