Saturday, November 16, 2013

Gluten Free Oatmeal

Gluten free oatmeal my favorite breast feeding breakfast. There's something about oatmeal that helps breastfeeding.

The stores sell oatmeal in quick and easy packs for working adults. They are absolutely useful except for when you have food allergies or are smarter than the average person. Most of the store bought prepackaged goods have artificial flavors, sugars, and even added wheat flour.

So a simple idea to eat health and also save time in the morning is make your own per packaged oatmeal packs.

Items required:
Gluten free oats
brown sugar (optional)
(dehydrated fruit i.e. apples)
ziplock baggies
sticky labels
measuring cups/spoons

Measure 1/3 cups of the gluten free oats and place into the ziplock bag. Add 1 tsp of brown sugar (optional). Add sticky label with directions. This particular brand requires 2/3 cups of water and to cook for 2 minutes. If you decide to microwave this, place a wet or damp paper towel over the bowl and stir ever 30 seconds.

Add fruit if you choose. I would only add fruit if you make it yourself. Rather simple if you have a dehydrator otherwise I believe product is coated with sugar.

I keep a bag in my purse. The are great for breakfast or an early morning sack. I also make TO-GO packs for baby. we don't add sugar to his.

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