Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First Hair cut

Legume Allergy

Horrible reaction. Jace had lentils for dinner and his entire face swelled up. He looked almost unrecognizable. He had hives run from his face down his neck and to his chest.

I tried ice and it helped with the swelling. The legume family consists of all sorts if bean types, peas, peanuts, and soy. Some research says that if you're allergic to one you might be allergic to all. Since I already know I am allergic to peanuts and soy it might make sense that he has this sort of allergy.

The initial blood test said he is allergic to soy. Although I believe everyone is allergic to the processed soy they use today. I've also read with peanut allergies not all people are allergic to peanuts themselves but the mold that's associated with them. I suppose we at least know it's not as extreme as airborne as we did recently fly without any reactions. He looked amazing last week. His skin actually looked like skin and then we had lentils. it appears this outbreak has been hard to get beyond.

Some research says the more you are exposed to the allergic the worse the reaction will get each time. Although I've has anaphylactic allergies and I'm not sure about that. my allergy is towards milk. it seemed like in my instance if I had trace amounts I was okay if say I came in contact with a small portion. Then there were those months were I would avoid all trace amounts and in those instances if I did come across someday breathing complications became that much worse.

it us hard to say how he will turn out. just hope he's not allergic to everything. Beans, nuts, milk, eggs to mean screams a protein issue. I am not certain where the coconut reaction sits though.

it took a few hours before he looked remotely back to somewhat normal. Then he broke out again. I gave him 1/4 tsp of Benadryl which I loath doing but I suppose not breathing in his sleep would be much worse. a few days have past. He isn't healed yet. He is incredibly red and blotchy. He also has a simple choking cough.

Learning how to stand

Jace pulled himself up on to the chair. anything sister does he must do also. This is her table. He follows her around the room. if she stops he will push on her to get her to move so he can occupy her space.

He's clever.


Jace is learning how to move. He loves the stairs. He pulls on the gate upstairs. He tries to climb them. He's fascinated by everything. He just started scooting and now he is looking how to climb stairs.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Petunia Picklebottom Review

I ordered the Sunlit Stockholm Sashay Satchel for a trip. The funny part is I ordered it from Petunia Picklebottoms Outlet site. I needed it for a trip and when I realized I may not get it in time I bought another one from Amazon Prime. Of course I got both at the same time so now I have two.

First off the bag is a gorgeous eye watering yellow. It's the glazed one so seems durable enough. I dragged this bag through two airports with two children to an outside rehearsal dinner by a pool and left it on the floor in a warehouse at a wedding. I thought for sure when I left it at the wedding it would be ruined. The wedding was at an old antique abandoned warehouse. the floors were dusty cement and the spot where we (the wedding party) were able to leave our items was next to the bathroom. There is no indication of such treatment anywhere on this bag. My lovely pleather coach bag which I use just to random store visits look worse than this.

The best feature was the instant backpack option. I didn't think this would be something I would ever use. I was completely wrong. Traveling with a small infant and four year old it was essential. It fit under the seat in the airplane which was a bonus. When I didn't want to use the backpack I slipped the straps into the back pouch and it easily became a purse.

This was my first Petunia Pickle bottom purchase and I feel like I am addicted. The outlet sent the bag in excellent condition with a simple $5 shipping charge. I received the items in 3 days. I was impressed with the packaging. it was much nicer than the bag that came from Amazon.

The inside is different than most of my other bags. the shape allows for deep pockets and a narrow top. Currently it holds 3 reusable BumGenius diapers, 1 wet bag, 3 outfits, receiving blanket, socks, baby wipes, hand wipes, changing mat, iPad, and my Coach clutch.

I like the easy access front pocket. There is a designated spot for my phone and keys. The changing pad is more durable than I expected. My Coach changing mat is flimsy and gross. This is definitely much better. Although my favorite changing mat came with the KateSpade bag. However it's big and bulky when folded up. This one folds neatly with a designated pouch to keep it securely in place. The side pockets fit random teething toys, my iphone, and keys. I can see how others may be disappointed about the putter side pockets as I don't think my bottles would fit in them. Although I use BornFree Glass bottles. They are heavier and wider. They do fit in the inner side pockets though.

We also bought the iPad case. It was essential while traveling to have a case. I just had to have something that matched. I was impressed. I fits our iPad perfectly. It even fits out kindle fire HD should we choose to switch them out. This fit in the front pouch with a coloring book and box of crayons easily enough.

I read almost every review. I watched Utube videos on what people pack inside the bag. It definitely has a wide bottom so if you don't like stacking items you may not like it. I love it because unlike my tote Coach and Kate Spade bag nothing falls out if I bend over to pick up the baby. Also it's so much easier to pack than my tote Coach bag which is bigger and much heavier.

Gluten Free Oatmeal

Gluten free oatmeal my favorite breast feeding breakfast. There's something about oatmeal that helps breastfeeding.

The stores sell oatmeal in quick and easy packs for working adults. They are absolutely useful except for when you have food allergies or are smarter than the average person. Most of the store bought prepackaged goods have artificial flavors, sugars, and even added wheat flour.

So a simple idea to eat health and also save time in the morning is make your own per packaged oatmeal packs.

Items required:
Gluten free oats
brown sugar (optional)
(dehydrated fruit i.e. apples)
ziplock baggies
sticky labels
measuring cups/spoons

Measure 1/3 cups of the gluten free oats and place into the ziplock bag. Add 1 tsp of brown sugar (optional). Add sticky label with directions. This particular brand requires 2/3 cups of water and to cook for 2 minutes. If you decide to microwave this, place a wet or damp paper towel over the bowl and stir ever 30 seconds.

Add fruit if you choose. I would only add fruit if you make it yourself. Rather simple if you have a dehydrator otherwise I believe product is coated with sugar.

I keep a bag in my purse. The are great for breakfast or an early morning sack. I also make TO-GO packs for baby. we don't add sugar to his.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

After Dr Appointment

We went to the doctor this AM for a check up. Three hours later we started our errands. Surprisingly he was calm. He is so precious even if he is so tiny.

We were seeing the doctor weekly then biweekly. In August Jace weighed 17.7lbs. In October he weighed 16.7lbs. The doctor wanted to check his hemoglobin levels to make certain we didn't miss anything. 14.4 which according to him is excellent.

Doctor said what we are doing is working.

I have added fish oil, no beef, no dairy, no avocado, no coconut and no nuts.

I was surprised at how good he looked this morning. I had a grilled chicken sandwich from TGI Fridays yesterday. I cleared my plate in clouding the bread bun. The doctor said it would be safe to add but I was skeptical.

Doctor visit
Doctor Baker - PEDs
Weight: 17.1lbs
Head circumference: 46 1/4 cm
So stinking CUTE!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Glazed Cupcakes

Recipe makes: 12 Pumpkin Glazed Cupcakes

1/2 cup multi-purpose gluten free flour
1/4 cup (4 Tbsp) unsweetened applesauce
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon

2 cups multi-purpose gluten free flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon pumpkin spice
1 cup pure organic pumpkin puree
1/2 cup dark brown sugar
1/2 cup canola oil (or vegetable oil)
1/4 cup pure maple syrup
1/4 cup rice milk (or hemp milk)

1 cup confectioners' sugar
1-2 Tablespoons rice milk (or hemp milk)

Preheat the oven to 350F degrees. Coat cupcake baking pan with oil, preferably the same oil that is used in the recipe. I recommend avoiding olive oil and any type of sprays. Coat a napkin with CANOLA OIL and gently rub the edges of each cupcake tin. Set aside.

Crumb topping: In a small bowl, toss ½ cup multi-purpose gluten free flour, ½ cup brown sugar, ¼ teaspoon salt, and 2 teaspoons cinnamon together. Add ¼ cup unsweetened applesauce. Mix to create clumps and crumbs. Add more applesauce to get a thick paste if you prefer more moist cupcakes and less crumb. Set aside.

Cupcakes: Whisk 2 cups multi-purpose gluten free flour, 1 teaspoon baking soda, ½ teaspoon baking powder, ½ teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons cinnamon, 1 teaspoon pumpkin spice together in a large bowl until combined.

In a medium bowl, whisk 1 cup pumpkin, ½ cup brown sugar, ¼ cup canola oil, ¼ cup maple syrup, and ¼ cup rice milk together until combined. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir until combined.

Try not to over mix the batter. It will be rather thick. Spoon the batter into the greased cupcake pan. Fill cupcakes ¾ of the way full. This will make 12 cupcakes. Spoon the crumb topping evenly on top and gently press it down into the batter. May sprinkle with loose sugar to help coat the top.

Bake the cupcakse for 25 minutes. Check by inserting a toothpick into the center of a cupcake. If the toothpick comes on clean with a moist crumb or two, the cake is done. If the toothpick has wet batter on it, bake the cupcakes for 5 more minutes. I recommend starting with 15 minutes to be safe depending on your oven then add another 10 minutes.

Glaze Topping: Mix 1 cup confectioners' sugar and 1 Tablespoon of rice milk together until smooth. Add more rice milk to thin, if desired. Drizzle glaze topping over cupcakes after they are removed from cupcake tin. I leave them sitting on the cooling rack for a 5 minutes before I coat and cover.

Enjoy cake warm or at room temperature. Cover cupcakes tightly and store at room temperature or in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Cupcakes may be frozen for up to 2 months.

I hate recipes that have a huge life bio before the directions. I made it a point to structure mine differently. Enjoy the cupcakes and if you want to know more about us keep reading.

This recipe is Vegan (milk free/egg free/ butter free), gluten free, nut free and coconut free. If you love pumpkin, you will love this. They would go well with a nice steaming hot cup of coffee.

Jace will be turning one soon. I am determined to find him a cake that he will eat that won't make him sick or red.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Update on Random stuff

It is amazing how fast he is growing. He is quick to miss his sister. Since she loves to sing everywhere she goes he can hear her anywhere in the house. He scoots and pulls himself until he finds her. I was in the kitchen with her and this tiny head pops out from the side of the couch. His face just lit up in smiles.

He is doing very well with waving. He wants to wave at everyone and when they wave back he gets overly excited he waves with both arms. He will start to babble at certain people to get their attention especially if he is waving.

He is still fragile. I don't particularly want to say frail but he lacks muscle definition and fat on his arms and legs. His face seems to be clearing up after the breakout we had last week. I added goat cheese into my diet. This was to not only increase calories but to see if he was allergic to goats milk potentially. A disaster. He was covered in hives.

I made turkey meat balls... because we can't have beef. Instead of using any flour I added oatmeal. They turned out great plus there is just something about oatmeal that helps produce milk. I pumped 5 ounces each session.

Park Slide

Wasn't a big fan of this slide going down (with my help) but liked sitting at the bottom.

Park Swings

He loved the swing at the park. Would babble and giggle.

Shopping Cart

He loved sitting in the seat in the cart. We go to Whole Foods weekly and generally he sits in his buggy. This time I let him sit in the car. I figured he is almost a year why not. What I didn't figure is he'd try to drink my carrot juice. I let him attempt the straw which he pulled up juice fast and of course then wouldn't let go.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Soccer ball

Jace decided he loved Madison's new soccer ball. If you tried to take it away he would try to grab it will his feet.

He then tried to figure out how to crawl with the ball so he wouldn't leave it behind. The results him crawling over it and picking it up with his feet and bring it back to his hands. His feet are like an extra set of hands. It is quite bizarre to watch him figure out ways to pick up things with his feet.

Zebra head

He gets so excited to see me. It makes my heart bounce.

He gets so excited to see me. It makes my heart bounce.

I added goat cheese into my diet to see if that would make a difference. I am pumping 17-20 ounces a day to try to maintain enough for him. We thought if we could add goats milk or make a formula it'd help.

Obviously by the redness of his skin in the photo that was a bad idea.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Park Monents

He is a people watcher. Lol

Park Visit

We decided to walk to the park today after our naps. It is about a mile to the park passed the fire station.

I actually took him out if the stroller and let him slide (with my help of course) down two slides.

I have noticed parents often seem to forget to dress their children. If you are one of those parents, pay attention. I see parents wearing boots, jeans even a jacket and then they will be carrying a baby in a simple onesie. It's really common around here. I don't know why but just something I notice.

So poor Jace is probably over dressed especially for 70 degree weather. Although even with a long sleeved onesie, overall pants and a beanie his previous feet were getting cold so we had to leave.

Its the strangest thing... the walk by my moms causes mass hives. This walk made me feel like he was looking better. I suppose the allergy to the sun is perhaps once again off the table.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pink Fur

Madison wanted a pink furry bear hat. So we started something which looks more like a wig than a hat.

Jace thought it was so funny playing under it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

BumGenius Cloth Diapering

BumGenius Elemental Organic Cloth Diapers

If anyone had ever said you will be one of those moms who cloth diaper, water would've came out of my nose from laughter.

We did not cloth diaper my daughter. I tried the G diapers when she was first born and that was a complete disaster. You can imagine my skepticism when I was told that my son was allergic to the disposable diapers. We discovered the diapers were causing a lot of his problems because he is highly allergic to Polyester.

The BumGenius Elemental Organic Cloth diapers are lined with a polyester liner but the inner piece is 100% organic cotton.

I dove head first into a world of cloth diapering. I ordered enough to get started and not be confined to washing diapers everyday. We started with 32 diapers.

I do laundry every other day sometimes every day. The biggest challenge was getting the sitter on board with cloth diapers. I still haven't adjusted to washing poop off the diaper opposed to discarding it in the trash. However, I LOVE the fact that I never have to buy diapers again. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to know that I don't have to make a diaper run every other weekend. It's not as if you can go into Target or Walmart or even Babies R US and just buy one thing even if it is diapers.

Washing Instructions are available on the BumGenius website. (BUT don't do what I did with the soap)
#1 - use Soap correctly (BumGenius Cloth Diaper Brand)
When washing cloth diapers there are special soaps designed for the diapers. I bought the Rockin Green which was very expensive and didn't last very long. I think bought the BumGenius soap. The soap comes in a powder with a scooper. Had I used powder soap before maybe I would've known. I put the two scoops of powder soap into the liquid dispenser. Let's just say I spent a ton of money and hours running Afresh through my machine until the grim left behind was cleaned. I wish someone would've told me that the powder soap goes in the basin not the dispenser.

#2 - DO NOT SOAK the diapers.
This is something I would've done had I not read the directions. It seems like it would help, but the directions say do not soak cloth diapers so do not soak them.

#3 - Remove solids from diaper
This means rinse the diaper before washing it.  In other words, wash off the poop before putting the diaper not the diaper pail. This sounds simple or easy enough, but it can be difficult. I have a sick child and diarrhea and partially digested food cover every diaper. These need to be washed right away otherwise they stain.

I have found the best way for me to wash them is to run them under the facet in the bathroom rubbing the inner liner together until everything is completely removed. Yes, it is disgusting and yes my daughter swears she will never use the sink to the left of the toilet ever again, but it works. I leave the diaper pretty wet squeezing out most of the water and then place it into the pail. I have found this method leaves little to no stains. If the diaper isn't rinsed immediately, I have noticed stains will occur.

There is a cool sprayer that you can hook up to the toilet water supply. Perhaps in time we will decide to purchase one of these. I still find that I would migrate to the sink to rub them under the facet. I do of course use cleaning wipes to go over the skin facet and counters after I am finished.

#4 - Rinse cycle
We rinse all the diapers in cold water with no soap prior to starting a load. This takes 24 minutes on our rinse cycle. This is very important. I have found they smell if they are not rinsed properly.

#5 - Wash cycle
2 scoops of BumGenius Soap with Hot water. We do the 'whites' cycle which is about 1 hour and 14 minutes which also includes an extra rinse to clean off any residue left behind.

#6 - Drying
I dry the diapers in the dryer warm/medium. Generally I run the cycle twice to make sure they are dry. I have yet to hang them out to dry in the sun or outside. The reason they say to do this is because the sun can act as a natural bleach and remove any poop stains.

#7 - Bleach
Once per month it is recommended to use 1/4 cup of bleach in the wash cycle.
Yes this to me is very important. We have not had any instances with ammonia or buildup on our diapers. Although I have read stories about this. A friend of mine has been cloth diapering for 4 years now. She has two children. Her first child she did not want to use bleach. Unfortunately her daughter go the worst diaper rash and had to be given some heavy duty medicine due to a bacteria build up. Learn from the mistakes of others... use the bleach as recommended.

#8 - No additives such as vinegar, baking soda, fabric softeners)
The vinegar can mess with the PH Balance and cause your diapers to no longer be absorbent. I do not understand fabric softeners to begin with. They are simply toxic chemicals that people add to their clothing to breath in every day all day.

#9 - Dawn soap
Occasionally they say that your diapers will get a build up and require a stripping. I have also read that Ammonia can build up and cause a pretty foul smell. Dawn soap is supposed to help rid your diapers of these. However, I have been doing this for the last 5 months and have yet to encounter these problems. I did however buy a large bottle of Dawn soap to keep in my cabinet if needed. They do say if your diapers become less absorbent or you notice a ton of leaks. My friend adds a small amount of Grapefruit seed extract to assist in killing all the germs and bacteria. I have yet to try that.

#10 - Diaper Creams
DO NOT USE any diaper creams, diaper rash ointments, lotions or pastes while using cloth diapers. The idea behind the diaper creams is that they create a barrier between your child's bottom and the diaper to repel water. If you place this onto your cloth diaper it will absorb the diaper ointment to now repel water including urine and they will be ruined. OPTIONS: they have disposable liners you can purchase if cream is necessary. Otherwise disposable diapers might be the best option until the diaper cream is no longer necessary.

#11 - Diaper Pail
We purchased a simple plastic trashcan with a lid and lined it with the wet bag. We purchased 2 wet bags, one for use while the other is being washed. However I would recommend buying 3.

#12 - Wet bags
We purchased 3 large wet bags from Planet World and 2 small bags. These aren't the best purchase we've made. To be honest they gross me out. They stink and don't do well when bleach is used. One of our bags was black with flames. Let's just say it is no longer black.

They are made of a cotton bag lined with the same liner that you will find on the diapers and wet bag for the pail liner. I haven't figured out if they leak or not. They always feel damp not so much as wet, but then again they are holding a sack full of wet diapers. The wet bags with out the strap to carry are annoying, but cheaper. There are a ton of brands out there. I have considered trying a few others to see if they are comparative to what we currently use.

Keep in mind you will need a few small bags for the diaper bag aside from the large bags that are taken to the caretaker. I am a member of a cloth diapering site. I also read the cloth diapering blogs. It seems like the majority of moms who decide to cloth diaper are stay at home moms. I can see why, but I hope that doesn't discourage any working moms. It isn't that hard, the biggest change is the amount of laundry that is done. It is not as if you would want to wash your clothes with the diapers so it does take some time each night.

There are a number of different brands out there. I have heard BumGenius 4.0 is the best. However I do know they are made of 100% polyester. Before we realized my son was allergic to polyester I had no idea what it was. Now knowing what I know, I wouldn't be able to use anything other than the 100% organic cotton. It is quite disturbing. I have yet to figure out if polyester is even safer or better than the disposables. I know it is better for the environment, but I am not a hippie or tree hugger mommy. I am only after what is best for my child and sometimes that doesn't always coincide with what's best for the environment. Polyester breaks down with every wash so it will still be in the water supply. I have yet to determine what is worse... Either way at least I know my child's bum is resting comfortably against 100% organic cotton. NO telling what happens to polyester when it's wet especially with urine.

Diaper Bag

Skip Hop City Chic Diaper Bag - Columbus Circle

This is by far the best bag I own. I am shocked at the reviews about it too. I used this for 2 years with my daughter and it is still in great shape.

Every mom has to have a diaper bag. Now if they are like me they have one in every color every brand and are still in the market for another bag.

I bought 3 fancy Coach diaper bags. I love their purses so figured why not. (perfect condition maybe they were used once). They may know purses but their diaper bags aren't the best.

I will say the Kate Spade bag I have used quite often but it's bright red and spills things when you bend over. However this simple SkipHop bag is our go to diaper bag.

I think mostly because it's light weight and still holds a ton. My Coach bag is so cramped and holds very little yet is bigger than this bag. I have a few other brands as well but nothing that I'd recommend. I like the loose compartments of this bag. For some reason all the other bags have everything squished together. With this bag it's easy to get bottles into the sides especially with the larger glass bottles. Plus the option to attach a clutch purse is the main reason I bought it.

It comes in pink or blue too. Now that I have another baby perhaps I can justify buying it in blue. Not as if I need another bag but it's just one of those things we do. I cannot explain why I need 10 bags because I'm not sure myself. It just is what it is. Just like how come my husband must have every version of the same video game... something's we just shouldn't question.

Glass Baby Bottles

With the crazy hype about BPA and how toxic plastic is I am shocked more mothers don't use glass.

I used glass bottles with my daughter and now with my son. We haven't had a problem breaking them if that was your first question. I tried every glass bottle that Target, Walmart and Babies R Us carried and then I found Born Free. A lot of bottles later we found what worked best for us.

You can buy this Born Free in packs of 3 (financially the best option). I found Walmart has sales online, but be careful. It must say GLASS otherwise you will get plastic. Walmart does not carry these in the store by my house.

I found TJ Max had a few and they were half the price. You can buy them in 5oz bottles or 8oz bottles. I bought enough to go a week without washing them. I know that sounds crazy especially because individually they are $9.99 a bottle.

I have limited time between dinner, kid time, cleaning, me time and bed time. I don't want to add bottle washing every night to the list of things I need to do.

I purchased 15 bottles. 3 bottles per day at the sitters, 5 days a week. On Saturday or Sunday we wash them and sanitize them. If my husband decides he wants to do dishes, (usually he does every night) that's up to him but at least I know we will have clean bottles if he doesn't.

These bottles come with a wide top makes it easy to fill and put together. (The Dr Brown bottles were a nightmare putting together).

There is a compartment that goes between the nipple and the bottle. maybe it works and does something cool maybe it doesn't... but I can say (including my 4 year old daughter) neither of them have ever had an ear infection or thrush. That's gotta account for something.

Maybe it is the glass itself. Maybe it's the bottle. Maybe it's a combination or everything I do. I can tell you most kids get their first ear infection before they turn 1. At least according to my PEDs Doctor.

Bottle Sanitizer

This seems like a luxury item to first time moms especially on a budget. Technically one could boil water and sanitize bottles. However I would advise against doing so in the sink. The dirtiest place in the average house is the kitchen which includes the sink. So we clean ours regularly with a vinegar spray in addition to bleach and water. I don't want those chemicals on my baby's bottles so we bought a sanitizer.

The first Sanitizer I had was a Safety First Brand. It worked well. This time I bought the Phillips Avent bottle Sanitizer.

The reason I switched was because of the size. The old sanitizer had a huge dome lid that was awkward and annoying. Plus we only used Glass Bottles so that does make a difference.

This sanitizer has three compartments. Below it has all levels stacked. I liked this because I could use the different compartments individually if needed.

This is the top compartment where I clean mostly nipples bottle kids and breast pump parts.

You can see the different levels below. Lets face it with two babies and being a working mom who has time to organize anything in the kitchen. I love this because I can store clean parts in the top and still run a load of bottles in the base if needed.

Mine also came with a storage or organizing case that has come in handy as well.

Perfect Swing

FisherPrice Swing

FisherPrice Swing

Fisher-Price Cradle Swing is one expensive item I would recommend. The biggest feature I liked about this swing is that it shifted from a side to side swing to a front to back motion.

My son has no problem sleeping or sitting and playing but with my daughter that was an entirely different story. There were many days she fell asleep in this swing. The top lit up and played a delicate song that calmed her if she was ever freaking out. We had the natural one with leaves and animals that moved up top.

The biggest thing was she couldn't climb out if it or roll it over. I found with the bouncer chairs she and my son do just that. We have a low to the ground swing now that he can't wait to wiggle his way out of.

I had 4 different bouncer chairs with my daughter and I have 3 different bouncer chairs and 2 new swings for my son. I would trade them all for this swing. It was at my parents house for a long time after y daughter grew out of it. They sold it for $25 at a garage sale. Ever see one at a garage sale it's a must buy item. I noticed Walmart has them the cheapest. However I've noticed the cheapest at Walmart is just that... the cheapest and usually missing a few features.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Must have Chair

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug and Activity Tray

This oversized version of the Famous Bumbo chair is one item I highly recommend. I use this daily even more so than the actual high chair. 

With my daughter we had a Bumbo chair and LOVED it. With my son we have a Bumbo chair that sits in the garage because we have the Mamas and Papas chair. The base on this chair is wider than the Bumbo chair which creates more stability. I really like that the tray snaps on easily. I smashed my fingers numerous times on the Bumbo chairs add on tray. 

This isn't a chair you can stick your child in and walk away but it does help stabilize them at the dinner table (more like on the dinner table). Yes they do NOT recommend placing this on top of anything but we don't leave him in the chair and walk away. (COMMON SENSE when using the products is of course recommended.)

I had actually wanted another Bumbo chair when I was pregnant. Two weeks before my shower the Bumbo chair was recalled and all the items had to be removed from the shelves. We had one with my daughter so I knew the risks. I was so upset because I had given my daughters to a friend and she moved across the country. 

My parents bought us this instead. At first I was bitter because it wasn't the same. It was bigger and took up more space. Now after using it feels more stable, sturdy and safer. Plus I was given a used Bumbo chair and sadly it is sitting in the garage. 

Unfortunately they didn't have the activity tray when we had gotten ours. To me this is definitely worth every penny. It seems $$$ for a chair but if it's something you'll use everyday it's worth it.