Monday, October 21, 2013

Update on Random stuff

It is amazing how fast he is growing. He is quick to miss his sister. Since she loves to sing everywhere she goes he can hear her anywhere in the house. He scoots and pulls himself until he finds her. I was in the kitchen with her and this tiny head pops out from the side of the couch. His face just lit up in smiles.

He is doing very well with waving. He wants to wave at everyone and when they wave back he gets overly excited he waves with both arms. He will start to babble at certain people to get their attention especially if he is waving.

He is still fragile. I don't particularly want to say frail but he lacks muscle definition and fat on his arms and legs. His face seems to be clearing up after the breakout we had last week. I added goat cheese into my diet. This was to not only increase calories but to see if he was allergic to goats milk potentially. A disaster. He was covered in hives.

I made turkey meat balls... because we can't have beef. Instead of using any flour I added oatmeal. They turned out great plus there is just something about oatmeal that helps produce milk. I pumped 5 ounces each session.

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