Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Diaper Bag

Skip Hop City Chic Diaper Bag - Columbus Circle

This is by far the best bag I own. I am shocked at the reviews about it too. I used this for 2 years with my daughter and it is still in great shape.

Every mom has to have a diaper bag. Now if they are like me they have one in every color every brand and are still in the market for another bag.

I bought 3 fancy Coach diaper bags. I love their purses so figured why not. (perfect condition maybe they were used once). They may know purses but their diaper bags aren't the best.

I will say the Kate Spade bag I have used quite often but it's bright red and spills things when you bend over. However this simple SkipHop bag is our go to diaper bag.

I think mostly because it's light weight and still holds a ton. My Coach bag is so cramped and holds very little yet is bigger than this bag. I have a few other brands as well but nothing that I'd recommend. I like the loose compartments of this bag. For some reason all the other bags have everything squished together. With this bag it's easy to get bottles into the sides especially with the larger glass bottles. Plus the option to attach a clutch purse is the main reason I bought it.

It comes in pink or blue too. Now that I have another baby perhaps I can justify buying it in blue. Not as if I need another bag but it's just one of those things we do. I cannot explain why I need 10 bags because I'm not sure myself. It just is what it is. Just like how come my husband must have every version of the same video game... something's we just shouldn't question.

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