Monday, October 7, 2013

Must have Barlean's Oil

In order for my milk to stay up with my little ones needs I had to start adding more fat into my diet. I'm pumping every 3 hours but if I don't eat enough my milk suffers.

I noticed with certain foods my milk was watery white and didn't weigh much. So I added fish oil. I started with the Whole Mega Salmon pills that are about $40 a bottle. That lasted a month. I didn't notice an increase in my milk supply but my milk went from watery to a thick yellow color.

I hate taking pills. I'm taking calcium. I'm taking zinc. I'm taking a prenatal and now fish oil. It was too much to remember.

So this month I decided to try Barlean's flax oil. I had tried the chocolate flavor before so I knew it didn't taste like something from the bottom of the sewer as most flax oils do. I saw lemon flavor and thought I'd try it. I had no idea the lemon swirl flavor was fish oil and not actually flax until I got home.

I figured I would try it. There is something about Salmon oil that helps with milk supply. I pumped 9 oz the next morning. I couldn't believe I got 4.5 ounces out both sides even out of my stubborn breast. There is always one side that seems to want to be difficult.

I've been breast feeding for 11 months now on my second child so it's not like my milk fluctuates like a new moms would. Generally I pump 3-4 ounces each pumping.

I'm hooked! I swear it's the added fat into my diet. Plus there is no pill to take and it actually tastes good. The best part... I've noticed an improvement in Jace's skin. It sounds crazy. I was taking supposedly the best Salmon oil paying $40 a bottle with nowhere near the results.

So I paid over $30 at WholeFoods. While I love WholeFoods their supplements are insanely over priced. I found it at The Vitamin shop on sale for $21.99.

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