Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Glass Baby Bottles

With the crazy hype about BPA and how toxic plastic is I am shocked more mothers don't use glass.

I used glass bottles with my daughter and now with my son. We haven't had a problem breaking them if that was your first question. I tried every glass bottle that Target, Walmart and Babies R Us carried and then I found Born Free. A lot of bottles later we found what worked best for us.

You can buy this Born Free in packs of 3 (financially the best option). I found Walmart has sales online, but be careful. It must say GLASS otherwise you will get plastic. Walmart does not carry these in the store by my house.

I found TJ Max had a few and they were half the price. You can buy them in 5oz bottles or 8oz bottles. I bought enough to go a week without washing them. I know that sounds crazy especially because individually they are $9.99 a bottle.

I have limited time between dinner, kid time, cleaning, me time and bed time. I don't want to add bottle washing every night to the list of things I need to do.

I purchased 15 bottles. 3 bottles per day at the sitters, 5 days a week. On Saturday or Sunday we wash them and sanitize them. If my husband decides he wants to do dishes, (usually he does every night) that's up to him but at least I know we will have clean bottles if he doesn't.

These bottles come with a wide top makes it easy to fill and put together. (The Dr Brown bottles were a nightmare putting together).

There is a compartment that goes between the nipple and the bottle. maybe it works and does something cool maybe it doesn't... but I can say (including my 4 year old daughter) neither of them have ever had an ear infection or thrush. That's gotta account for something.

Maybe it is the glass itself. Maybe it's the bottle. Maybe it's a combination or everything I do. I can tell you most kids get their first ear infection before they turn 1. At least according to my PEDs Doctor.

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