Friday, October 4, 2013

Making Baby Food

I made all my daughters food so I feel it only right that I make my son's food. Now I work full time. I have a 4 year old and a new baby so I have very little time to make multiple dinners for multiple people. I need a routine that is not only easy but effective meaning healthy.

With my first child I bought the baby food maker from Babies R Us. I also bought the steamer baby food maker "Baby Cook". 

When it is your first baby, it is fun to have the all the fancy gadgets and cool accessories. Now... I don't have time for fancy. Even though I have the actual devices designed to make baby food it's not efficient. They currently sit in dark cabinets. 

Don't get me wrong... The fancy baby food maker from William and Sonoma "BabyCook" works if you make food every day. It is actually a great idea just to small for a weeks worth if food. I believe they have come out with a new version since I last invested in mine (2010). 

MY BABY FOOD necessary gadgets:
Brand: Food network

I found this to be a pain to clean. However I can cook two bags full of green beans in 10 minutes. With the BabyCook I found it took more time because the tray was so small I was able to cook enough for one or two meals. I found myself cooking more frequently with my daughter.

Brand: Ninja 

I love this blender. We use the blender 2-3 times a day. The smoothie cups are great for the morning or if I am just making the baby one meal. The blender will hold all the items I manage to stuff into the steamer. The top of the blender lid has a spout lid so I am able to easily pour it directly into the storage trays.

Freezer Trays
Brand: Beaba

These are somewhat $$$ on the high end for storage containers, but I love them. I bought a few colors. I found that if I cook Vegetables I put them in the green containers. If I cook vegetables mixed with a fruit, we use the orange trays. I rarely cook just fruit at least this early.

Storage containers
Brand: Martha Stewart GLASS mason jars (Walmart pack of 12 less than $10)
Ziplock Freezer BPA Bags

I put the cooked baby food into our freezer trays to freeze then we transfer to freezer bags. It's important to label your food in case you make multiple batches. I am not sure if anyone would ever read this, but at least if it helps someone it is worth the time it took to write it. 

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