Saturday, October 5, 2013

Covered in Vomit

We had zucchini same as we've been doing for awhile. Then the husband offered him avocado. He seemed fine until I was feeding him before bed and he threw up all down my back in my hair then on my lap then down my shirt.

I went threw the vomiting with his sister as she was hospitalized for a long time because of it. I think going thru that makes me even more freaked out and over protective. I don't want to stay at the hospital for months and months. I don't even want to drive by it that's how long I felt trapped there with a sick baby.

He threw up breast milk this last one. All the zucchini and avocado has left his stomach. Maybe how he will feel better. My heart breaks for him. Now figuring out what foods caused this is the challenging part.

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