Monday, October 7, 2013

Must have Chair

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug and Activity Tray

This oversized version of the Famous Bumbo chair is one item I highly recommend. I use this daily even more so than the actual high chair. 

With my daughter we had a Bumbo chair and LOVED it. With my son we have a Bumbo chair that sits in the garage because we have the Mamas and Papas chair. The base on this chair is wider than the Bumbo chair which creates more stability. I really like that the tray snaps on easily. I smashed my fingers numerous times on the Bumbo chairs add on tray. 

This isn't a chair you can stick your child in and walk away but it does help stabilize them at the dinner table (more like on the dinner table). Yes they do NOT recommend placing this on top of anything but we don't leave him in the chair and walk away. (COMMON SENSE when using the products is of course recommended.)

I had actually wanted another Bumbo chair when I was pregnant. Two weeks before my shower the Bumbo chair was recalled and all the items had to be removed from the shelves. We had one with my daughter so I knew the risks. I was so upset because I had given my daughters to a friend and she moved across the country. 

My parents bought us this instead. At first I was bitter because it wasn't the same. It was bigger and took up more space. Now after using it feels more stable, sturdy and safer. Plus I was given a used Bumbo chair and sadly it is sitting in the garage. 

Unfortunately they didn't have the activity tray when we had gotten ours. To me this is definitely worth every penny. It seems $$$ for a chair but if it's something you'll use everyday it's worth it. 

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