Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bottle Sanitizer

This seems like a luxury item to first time moms especially on a budget. Technically one could boil water and sanitize bottles. However I would advise against doing so in the sink. The dirtiest place in the average house is the kitchen which includes the sink. So we clean ours regularly with a vinegar spray in addition to bleach and water. I don't want those chemicals on my baby's bottles so we bought a sanitizer.

The first Sanitizer I had was a Safety First Brand. It worked well. This time I bought the Phillips Avent bottle Sanitizer.

The reason I switched was because of the size. The old sanitizer had a huge dome lid that was awkward and annoying. Plus we only used Glass Bottles so that does make a difference.

This sanitizer has three compartments. Below it has all levels stacked. I liked this because I could use the different compartments individually if needed.

This is the top compartment where I clean mostly nipples bottle kids and breast pump parts.

You can see the different levels below. Lets face it with two babies and being a working mom who has time to organize anything in the kitchen. I love this because I can store clean parts in the top and still run a load of bottles in the base if needed.

Mine also came with a storage or organizing case that has come in handy as well.

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