Sunday, October 13, 2013

Park Visit

We decided to walk to the park today after our naps. It is about a mile to the park passed the fire station.

I actually took him out if the stroller and let him slide (with my help of course) down two slides.

I have noticed parents often seem to forget to dress their children. If you are one of those parents, pay attention. I see parents wearing boots, jeans even a jacket and then they will be carrying a baby in a simple onesie. It's really common around here. I don't know why but just something I notice.

So poor Jace is probably over dressed especially for 70 degree weather. Although even with a long sleeved onesie, overall pants and a beanie his previous feet were getting cold so we had to leave.

Its the strangest thing... the walk by my moms causes mass hives. This walk made me feel like he was looking better. I suppose the allergy to the sun is perhaps once again off the table.

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