Saturday, October 5, 2013

Mass Hives

Wednesday night Jace was sitting in the living room with dad and started to break out in hives.

It started with his feet turning red like an angry athletes foot burning red and spread up his legs arms and face. The odd part his abs and torso were spotless. The hives were so bad they started to blister and in the center were these white dots. I was heating up his food and it continued to get worse. We gave him a warm bath which it started to calm. Then I tried lotion. The aveeno Eczema cream and the got progressively worse. So bad to the point I was ready to go to the ER. I rushed to the pharmacy and found Benadryl.

The photos are after 1/4tsp of Benadryl. I hate giving him something that clearly states do not use if under the age if 6 YEARS! However even his lips started to swell.

The Benadryl calmed it enough that the swelling and blisters oozed out everywhere. (Strange?) but they still left they mark everywhere. This was the strangest outbreak as it's been 4 hours since his last feeding. For something that severe it is odd to me it was what he ate.

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