Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Perfect Swing

FisherPrice Swing

FisherPrice Swing

Fisher-Price Cradle Swing is one expensive item I would recommend. The biggest feature I liked about this swing is that it shifted from a side to side swing to a front to back motion.

My son has no problem sleeping or sitting and playing but with my daughter that was an entirely different story. There were many days she fell asleep in this swing. The top lit up and played a delicate song that calmed her if she was ever freaking out. We had the natural one with leaves and animals that moved up top.

The biggest thing was she couldn't climb out if it or roll it over. I found with the bouncer chairs she and my son do just that. We have a low to the ground swing now that he can't wait to wiggle his way out of.

I had 4 different bouncer chairs with my daughter and I have 3 different bouncer chairs and 2 new swings for my son. I would trade them all for this swing. It was at my parents house for a long time after y daughter grew out of it. They sold it for $25 at a garage sale. Ever see one at a garage sale it's a must buy item. I noticed Walmart has them the cheapest. However I've noticed the cheapest at Walmart is just that... the cheapest and usually missing a few features.

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