Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Legume Allergy

Horrible reaction. Jace had lentils for dinner and his entire face swelled up. He looked almost unrecognizable. He had hives run from his face down his neck and to his chest.

I tried ice and it helped with the swelling. The legume family consists of all sorts if bean types, peas, peanuts, and soy. Some research says that if you're allergic to one you might be allergic to all. Since I already know I am allergic to peanuts and soy it might make sense that he has this sort of allergy.

The initial blood test said he is allergic to soy. Although I believe everyone is allergic to the processed soy they use today. I've also read with peanut allergies not all people are allergic to peanuts themselves but the mold that's associated with them. I suppose we at least know it's not as extreme as airborne as we did recently fly without any reactions. He looked amazing last week. His skin actually looked like skin and then we had lentils. it appears this outbreak has been hard to get beyond.

Some research says the more you are exposed to the allergic the worse the reaction will get each time. Although I've has anaphylactic allergies and I'm not sure about that. my allergy is towards milk. it seemed like in my instance if I had trace amounts I was okay if say I came in contact with a small portion. Then there were those months were I would avoid all trace amounts and in those instances if I did come across someday breathing complications became that much worse.

it us hard to say how he will turn out. just hope he's not allergic to everything. Beans, nuts, milk, eggs to mean screams a protein issue. I am not certain where the coconut reaction sits though.

it took a few hours before he looked remotely back to somewhat normal. Then he broke out again. I gave him 1/4 tsp of Benadryl which I loath doing but I suppose not breathing in his sleep would be much worse. a few days have past. He isn't healed yet. He is incredibly red and blotchy. He also has a simple choking cough.

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