Sunday, November 9, 2014

Batman Hat

I am selling hats for a craft event this weekend. It started as an event to support a friend and her personal business and turned into a huge deal. I have a ton of orders, but the biggest little thieves are my children. So far Jace has taken the batman hat and the spider-man hat. He seems to really love them though and with the cuteness how can you resist.

He walks up to the hats or the styrofoam heads wearing them and growls. My favorite was when he put it on and said "Daddy!" and pointed to the batman symbol! I LOVE it! It's so precious! The photos are blurry but still adorable.

So stinking cute. He is waiting for dad who is outside starting up the Grill. He plants himself in front of the back door and waits for dad. It was somewhat cold so we didn't want him outside.

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