Monday, November 3, 2014

Pumpkin Carving

We decided to buy two more pumpkins after the last (free) pumpkin rotted within days of carving it. I can't complain it was free.

Madison did a great job choosing these. They were thick and with great stems. I of course did the hard part of cleaning out the guts and seeds to make sure they were clean for carving. My princess daughter didn't want to touch the inside because it was gooey.

I had to start the jagged carving tool for her. It was part of a simple carving kit with small handles but the tools did a great job at cutting straight through the pumpkin.

She did a great job following exactly where to cut the pumpkin. I drew one and my mom drew the other. I figured this was a much better than actually taping a sketch to the side of a non-flat surface and trying to explain how to cut and where not to cut. Maybe in a few years...

The idea or inspiration originated from Nightmare before Christmas... and this is sister and brother or girl and boy jack-o-lanterns.

Candles and small kids never are a good idea. I happened to be at the dollar store and came across LED lights in packs of two for $1. We put two them in the pumpkins then I also added them to the pumpkin trick-or-treat bucket so it would also glow while she carried it from door to door.

They looked awesome! I was really impressed. They didn't last very long after carving them. I purchased them about a week early. I of course left ours inside the house as it was 85 degrees during the day, but I noticed a few people who carved theirs early had problems with keeping them alive for Halloween.

Happy Halloween! or (Nevada DAY!)

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