Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Party

Madison decided instead of wearing her Elsa Frozen outfit to school for their holiday party she wanted to be a Princess Kitty so she could wear her shiny dress. How could I say no... Halloween is also Nevada day so for people luck enough to live in the state of Nevada most of the schools, banks, etc are closed. 

They changed the rules since I was little. Nevada day is actually Halloween. The day the great state of Nevada became an actual state. When I was younger we had Halloween off from school because it was deemed a state holiday. Now they made it a rule that businesses close the last Friday of the month of October in honor of Nevada day. So this year we were lucky to have it fall on Halloween.

Jace is fascinated by Spider-man. Madison put on her hat and he ran to get his. He was adorable every time someone commented on his hat he would point to his head and say RAWWRRRR!

So freaking CUTE!

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