Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Condition Update - Apples

Our adventure with no apples hasn't been a very successful one. He woke up looking fantastic yesterday morning. I was a little cautious when I gave him his pancakes. (organic modified batter I made baked in a donut tin. The kids LOVE them.)

I usually add apples to the batter but this time I omitted the apples and added extra carrots instead. if he is allergic to apples I need to make sure he doesn't come in contact with them at all. When he woke he had a slight rash under his lip but not an angry, aggressive outbreak like he normally has after he eats.

He looked great after breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised.

Yesterday for lunch however he did not want anything to do with the pear sauce. He loves the sour foods and any type of fruit he spits out. He would be content with living off plain sour goat yogurt if I let him. 

His belly was almost completely flat Tuesday morning. My husband says it doesn't matter what he eats it is when he eats that he has a reaction. 

Is it possible he is allergic to his own saliva? 

I mean he drools and everything passes over his face. I have noticed if certain foods get on his face it is an instant allergic reaction. There has to be an answer or an alternative. I am not ready to believe this cannot be solved or that he will live like this for the rest of his life. I also am not ready to put him on allergy meds and subject him to that sort of lifestyle for the rest of his life.

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