Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Town Square

Town Square Las Vegas
6659 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89119

Town Square is like a large European style village made up of a variety of shops. It is a well planned and very spacious outdoor mall. The taller buildings offer shade from the blazing sun. The individual kiosks offer warmth in the winter.

We love the shops, and it is designed better than the downtown outlet mall both of which are outside. We don't go here very often though because it is off the strip. It isn't exactly far but with traffic it could take 45 minutes if not longer just to get home. 

During the holidays the traffic around the area with Christmas shopping and being just off the strip makes it potentially an even longer trip. We have figured out too to plan our trips around movie times so the let out isn't as bad either.

However, they do offer really good food options and a fun play area for the kids. I prefer going to this park during the summer because of the large water area. The water play area is a huge flat rectangle made of soft squish material that doesn't burn you bare feet so you don't have to keep your shoes on.

We prefer this in the summer because the water area keeps the kids cool. In the winter the water of course is shutdown limiting the attraction as Jace is still a bit little be climbing up the steep ladders to the tree-house. In the area they also have train rides, a tree house, slides, a kid theater, and a fun hedge maze to get lost in. 

You can see he was a little nervous to go in the water. I don't blame him. The water is clean and it appears to be recycled which is great for our area being a desert. Only it smells like a pool. With all the children they have to have some precautions set in place.

My children have never been those kids that run through the water and come back soaked. Although I say that and this day Madison did end up soaked.

There is also a small area clubhouse with a stove and fridge etc. Jace loved the windows. Although I had to grab him a few times because he wanted to climb out the windows. This would a be great for a backyard. If only my husband was a builder... 

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