Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tivoli Village Park

Tivoli Village Summerlin 

440 S Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89145

We went to the park at Tivoli Village on a Sunday morning. It was a very different experience than during the Saturday Farmer's Market but always worth the trip. 

My children love the park. I love the fact that the grass is clean (fake grass) and the facility or the park area is completely enclosed. The top has a nice shade casing to keep the sun off the kids which helps on the extremely hot days.

My son had a great week and his skin was looking up so we spent an extra hour at the park. When it is windy or rainy it makes it hard to stay outdoors due to his condition. The other thing I love about this park is it is exceptionally clean. I don't know if it also has something to do with the Tivoli. I have found that most parks operated by the city aren't maintained as frequently as say others.

Most of the toys are plastic which I assume to be wiped down easily enough. Yes, my daughter is wearing a princess dress. She was Cinderella for the day and very excited to wear her dress to the park. 

There is a new Downtown Summerlin mall that just opened. We had hoped for something kid friendly like this. So far on our first trip to the new Downtown Summerlin Mall we have yet to find anything kid friendly like the Tivioli park, but we will keep looking. 

There is a bit of construction in the Tivioli area perhaps to compete with the Downtown Summerlin Mall and a security guard mentioned they plan to have a water area and additional parks for the kids.

We visit this park a lot for more posts and photos see my additional post - Farmer's Market

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