Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zane's Birthday at Kids Kingdom

Kids Kingdom - Las Vegas Indoor Playground

4975 S Fort Apache Rd #101,
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 294-0226
This is something I have been searching for since Madison was small. Living in Las Vegas in the middle of the summer is no fun for small children. They want to run and play at the park, but if you don't get there before 7am it's too hot to ride on any of the slides unless there is a lot of water or a ton of shade. A few parks in the area offer these options, but most places don't. This indoor playground concept has a few facilities, but this place has been the best we've found so far.

A friend of mine had her son's birthday at Kids Kingdom. At first I was worried about taking Jace since he is so sensitive to everything. A kids playground made for little children made me so nervous. My first thought was it was a breeding ground for germs and I cannot afford for my children to get sick. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

The facility was very clean. The center of the room has a large assortment of toys to play with, tables for parents and large leather couches. 

Off to the right when you first walk in a baby center area with a bookcase of small toys and playmats for smaller children so they don't get trampled by the walkers.

In the far back is a large jungle gym type unit with a swing, ball pit, trampoline, slide, climbing area, and tunnel. My daughter seemed to like this area the most. It isn't designed for adults but was set up well enough that Jace couldn't climb up too high to get out of my reach.

Jace loved this push me car. There is no bottom so of course a taller person has to push the rider around. He spent at least 30 minutes in the small car being pushed around by either myself of Madison.

There were two different ball pits. One in the center of the room where I could watch him. The bigger kids wanted to jump into the ball pit, which of course Jace would then copy. The second ball pit is in the jungle gym which has a slide that shoots directly into another ball pit area made for a little bigger kids.

This was another item that Jace loved. This train is battery powered and traveled around the tracks set out. He loved it. The controls allows the rider to go forward, stop, and reverse. Jace however just kept going around and around. I was able to sit on the lovely couch after pushing him around in the toy car.

We enjoyed the event so much we signed up to have Jace's 2nd birthday party here. The party packages appeared somewhat reasonable approximately $300.00 for two hours of fun. A private party with 15 children included drinks and decorations. The biggest selling point for us was that the facility will also be closed to the public. We will have 2 hours of play time and a separate room for cake and presents should be choose to open them.

The only items I am required to bring are cake and snacks. They also have available items for purchase should people get hungry or want additional items. We cannot wait!

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