Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Leona's Birthday Party

It's hard to discuss personal matters on blogs. You never know who might be reading them. Maybe one day her mother will read this and realize how much she's missed out on her daughters life because of her selfish drug use.

Leona turned ten! [Since last year her mother dropped her off at a park (stole the gift cards, money and left her daughter there for a birthday party with nothing and no one but me...) this year I was determined to make sure this girl had a real birthday party and that her mother didn't ruin it.]

We started with invitations custom made for her special day. She was allowed to invite ten friends to the skating rink for 2 hours of special fun.

We did a ton of balloons, pizza and chicken fingers, cotton candy, soda and a ton of glow in the dark accessories. My mother made fancy blue cupcakes with horse toppers. She is obsessed with horses so we made sure to incorporate them.

She opened our gift and sqealed so loud I thought maybe a bug had jumped into the bag. She screamed "My aunt made this for me her self!". I made her a hand crocheted teal hat with beige flower and black and beige stripe (It's one of my hidden talents... I do sell them if anyone reading this blog ever cared).

She was ecstatic jumping up and down then saw the matching shirt with a glittering picture of a horse and long pants. I was near tears. I watched as I have never seen her so happy or smile so large. 

Grama made gift bags for the kids. It was really thoughtful. They included beaded bracelet kits where you can make your own beaded My Little Pony type bracelet, Glow in the dark bracelets, rings, bubbles and a cowboy bandanna.

Madison of course idolizes her big cousin. She wasn't quite able to keep up with her on skates but Leona was so good to her to include her in everything even thought she is five years younger than her. 

We have discussed adoption of both Leona and her older brother. It is a big deal to agree to accept two more children into your home. Not only two more kids but older kids with a troubled background. I wish things were different, Maybe one day the kids will know how much we tried and how much we love them, or even better maybe one day his sister will stop stealing money, doing drugs and abandoning her children. 

The worst part his parents don't want us to take the kids. I get that sort of. I mean they don't want to burden us with them or maybe it is selfish reasons they think they don't want to take them away from their daughter, but she shouldn't be allowed to abuse those kids the way she does. Either way when his parents pass and there is no more unlimited funds, the daughter will be gone... and then what will happen to the kids. The damage their mother has inflicted on them is already done, but I swore I would be there no matter what so I will continue to fight for them and if I must I will plan and ensure they have every holiday and party as my kids would. 

Legally I don't have much backbone to stand on. To adopt them I would have to buy a bigger house to prove I am a better option than where they currently reside. The issue then becomes a matter between my husband and myself... I would have to turn in his sister and his parents... and then what problems would that cause in my own marriage... and if it didn't work out worse case they would be turned over to the state. I have my moments where I wonder if that would be a better option... but this day was not one of them. She was the happiest little girl I had ever seen. I don't think I've even seen my own children this elated before.

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