Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Fall Harvest Festival

Our local Trader Joe's store was offering a day of free pumpkin carving and face painting from 8am - 1pm last Saturday. They do the event every year, but in previous years Madison was a little too small. Jace of course was a bit small to carve a pumpkin. 

This year I let Madison design and carve her own pumpkin. They offered her a pumpkin and pen. She decided she wanted to do a "real" jack-o-lantern face. Of course I thought that was a great idea because it meant I had to do minimal supervision over the drawing and could watch Jace. Also it was her practicing her shapes.

The cutting tools were maybe as kid-friendly as a cutting tool could be. They were a small toothpick looking devices that cut nicely through the pumpkin. Madison did the eyes, nose and the bottom half of the mouth. She got a little squeamish when it came to pulling out the cut out pieces.

Jace stood at the edge of the table and watched Madison carve out her pumpkin. I was impressed at how well he behaved he was during the whole thing. You wouldn't guess by the look in the photo. He wanted no part of that haystack. I don't blame him those probably aren't the best place for anyone with extreme allergies.

Madison did face painting. She chose a ladybug option luckily it was small. I wasn't too big on the face painting idea. Usually she opts out of those, but a friend did it so she of course wanted to have the same design as her friend.

I have noticed at not just this event but even at her school, people buy the acrylic paints to pain kids faces. I may have to do some research to investigate this. I don't want to be that parent, but my goodness it weirds me out.  I cannot imagine the paint is very safe to be put on skin let alone your cheek with a ton of blood vessels right there. It is toxic, I mean just smell it. I thought there were actual face paints you could buy, but then again I've seen a few posts on facebook about girls who wore the specific "eye make-up" decals and received high level chemical burns. 

The last time the red gave her skin a bit of a rash. This time she did a black lady bug and it came off with wet wipes fairly easily. I felt bad last time she came straight home and washed her face. I couldn't tell if it was because it hurt or if she knew by the conversation I had about what is in the paint where did you get the paint that she knew it was chemicals.

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