Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No Apples Lunch

The goal was to get through the week with no apples and no outbreaks. Yesterday after lunch and before the pear sauce Jace looked GREAT.

He had goat yogurt mixed with a corn puff organic cereal. I half expected a bright red reaction but there was NONE. My worries about him being allergic to the yogurt though are still there. 

This is him after lunch and before his pear sauce. There isn't a photo after he ate the pears because he didn't want them. You can see the small raspberry patch on the side of his mouth. This is a drastic improvement from what he originally looked like, but it flares up and can split open. The problem is when it cuts open food get in it along with dirt and bacteria causing it to become infected. We worry about staph and those horrible skin infections that could cause serious harm if not scaring.

Jace was still hungry after dinner last night. We had pork and brown rice. After which my husband gave him another carrot pancake. He appeared extremely happy and didn't have any breakout. He was still hungry which I don't blame him since I feel like his food intact is limited to such a small variety. 

We gave him a bowl of goat yogurt and within two minutes he broke out in hives all down his chin around his lips and side of his face. It was bright red. I don't understand how the SAME yogurt will give him a reaction at dinner but won't be a problem at lunch. It just doesn't seem fair.

Last night I was forced to give him more benadryl. Of course we have to make sure it is the dye free kind and cannot be cherry or grape flavored. This was bubblegum flavored. He seems to like to take it just wish I knew what it did to his body. It scares me to think what the damage or the long term effect could be.

This morning his belly was flat and his face looked fantastic. After his two pancakes he seemed a little red. Not anything I would suggest a reaction. I also gave him a carrot banana smoothie. I feel like the vitamin A helps him. Since he is allergic to all the ingredients in the vitamins I feel like he needs them somewhere.

Today I did not give him any apples or yogurt. I am sure he is going to be disappointed at snack time, but we will see if it makes a difference. The fluid definitely had subsided over night. He was babbling the entire way to the sitters. 

The idea is that with every allergic reaction there is fluid and mucus it is our bodies natural defense. The problem is that with him it is constant. So his ears are always filled with fluid hence why he doesn't speak. The alternative is tubes, but with his severe reactions the doctor is worried that putting him under could cause a worse reaction that would set us back to the beginning. Doesn't seem fair...

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