Saturday, August 23, 2014

Farmers Market

Farmer's Market at Tivoli Village in Las Vegas. It sounds super posh-upscale and yes it is, but every Saturday morning between 8am-1pm they host a farmers market. Part of the venders have their booths along the paths between the shops. The herbs and additional items are inside for an indoor market.

I don't recommend buying the produce though. A few things but most the items are cheaper at the Whole Foods store across the street. Not sure many people know this. I have the store on speed dial due to my child and his extreme allergies we call them a lot. 

I walk to market with the kids, check out the prices and just call to get a price check. One day the prices were half as much for organic items at Whole Foods. Just to show you should do your research. Not sure if they increase the cost because this is a nice facility and the mentality is that people have more money to spend or not, but if you know better you will save a lot of money.

Posh park visiting stay at home moms annoy me. I am being judgmental My goal in life is to not protect my judgments of other people onto my children, but sometimes it happens. That or my children are just exceptionally brilliant. Yes, my daughter might be but my son doesn't speak.

A boy about my daughters size maybe 3-4 years old saw Jace who is not even 2 yet and walks over to him and pushes him. The mother was on the phone twirling around her beaded necklace not paying attention to her child. My daughter runs to my son's defense, but we moved to avoid the playground bully.

Honestly not sure how to approach the situation. I told the boy to mind his manners and it is rude to push other people. He looked surprised like he was offended. Maybe he will think twice before pushing another kid. Had I not been there my daughter might've handled it in her own way.

This park is in the center of a high end outdoor mall. I love it because there is no sand, no dirt, no grass and it is gated. I know that sounds crazy and total city but for a special child allergic to everything it is a blessing. The gate has three exits which are latched and require a bit of force to push open the gate leaving my two year old trapped in a large square space unable to run off or into traffic if there was any.

The park does have a section of grass which my son loves to run across. The best part it is fake grass. If it was real I can only imagine the allergy problems that would manifest if allowed him to play in it.

Of course I can't stop him from being a boy. He wants to climb on everything including me. Anything that sister does he also wants to do. He doesn't quite understand that he is too small but he is learning fast how to follow and copy her even when we don't want him to.

I am impressed at how well his face looks. One day he looks amazing and the next he is covered in hives. Praying there are answers soon in our quest to an easier life style.

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