Thursday, August 21, 2014

Disneyland Photos

You can see his belly is still swollen. It means he is still eating foods he is allergic to, but at least they aren't the extreme allergies. Hopefully we will get to the bottom of those, but in the mean time I hope he can experience itch free for a bit.

Madison wanted brother to stay with her and pose for a photo and he wanted no part of any of it. I was extremely impressed with his skin. The California air maybe, but he didn't have a single outbreak. I was so surprised. I thought for sure he would've been covered in hives being in a new environment. 

This was one of many attempts to get Jace to remain still for a photo. He was so excited to be free from the stroller he didn't want any part of standing still. This was during the parade so it was less crowded although it also meant the professional photographers were also gone.

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