Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mother's Beach, Long Beach CA

Long Beach, CA at Mother's Beach on our vacation August - 2014

I was surprised to find a beach that is called Mother's Beach in California close to where we were staying. I read the reviews for quite a few places and with the little one we decided more of a bay would be better for him. I love Mission beach and the bay down deep in San Diego, but since we were up north by Disneyland we decided the drive into San Diego was a bit much.

Had I known that this was also a stopping ground for large boats we might've chosen another location. The mass amount of boats probably emit a ton of toxins into the water that get swept onto the shore.

That being said my son is the most sensitive person I've ever encountered. Since he didn't breakout or react to the water maybe it wasn't as bad as I am making it out to be. The distance between the swimmers and the boats is pretty far. The lifeguards watch the swimmers to make sure they don't go too close to the marked off sections. There is no surfing at this location so if anyone was interested in a surf or high wave this wouldn't be the best location for you.

This was perfect for us being a family with two small children who cannot swim. The water was mild. The waves were subtle but enough that my son had a blast sitting in them. This was during the week and it was very crowded with mother's and small children. I believe schools in California started two weeks before we did so this was the first week of school. Most of the kids were pretty small which was fun for my kids. 

It wouldn't be a good place if you don't like small kids.

Jace loved the water more than I thought he would. It was adorable. He discovered saltwater and his mouth puckered. Then his tongue went nuts and all he wanted to do was eat the water. The mud was something else. He had a blast just throwing mud everywhere.

For the most part we do cloth diapers. I didn't think about getting a swimmers diaper. I suppose I didn't expect him to enjoy the water so much either. Next time we will know better... or let's hope by next summer he is potty trained.

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