Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Allergist

Breathing treatments

Breathing treatments

Since the Dermatologist made us worse we went to an allergist.

Diagnosis - Eczema
Treatment - 20 minute warm baths, food diary, no lotions or creams, use prescribed ointment
Medications - antibiotic, steroid ointment (stronger than Dermatologist prescribed), Albuterol for a breathing machine and a steroid for the breathing machine.

My child was hardly 4 months old and they gave him 5 refills of steroids and medicine that has serious side effects. I was appalled when I went to his office. First the PA argued with me about my allergies. I was highly allergic to Milk. I know so because when I consumed it prior to being pregnant I couldn't breathe. Whether someone diagnosed me or not I know that my body cannot handle dairy. The PA told me that blood tests are not conclusive in regards to allergies and that the only way to determine if my child is allergic to something is to feed it to him.

I had been keeping a food dairy for a few weeks, but they didn't want to look at my notes. They wanted me to write down everything from that point forward on their printed matrix. I went home with 5 prescriptions for a child that was 12lbs.

I researched albuterol and the harmful effects it has on people. I grew up with asthma. I had been pumped full of all kinds of inhalers and steroids. Had they figured out I was allergic to milk maybe I wouldn't have been tortured with inhalers and living a life thinking there was no solution but life dependent medicine.

Albuterol is a great rescue drug. If you cannot breathe, yes it is important to use. However, the same drug that allows you to breathe also inhibits this by making your body dependent on it. Thus a never ending cycle. It weakens your lungs and your bodies ability to breathe on its own. I have been without steroids and inhalers for 7 years now. When Jace was first given the breathing machine I had to sit with him and hold the mask because he was so tiny. I found that I was breathing in a lot of the fumes myself. I discovered a few times how my lungs cringed and it was almost hard to breathe for no reason at all like they were remembering the difficulties I once had.

I stopped the breathing machine. I filled the steroids but did not use them. I was stuck. On one hand I had a doctor telling me that my child was allergic to water and it was making his condition worse. His counterpart was telling me that I needed to bath him for long periods of time. His theory was to bath him long enough that the pores opened and you could cover him in the harmful meds he had prescribed. He thought it was an allergy not a skin condition. In other words I was doing this to my child.

I was already Gluten (wheat) free, dairy free, soy free, and peanut and almond free and strictly breast feeding.

I started with the bath using bottled water and bathed him until I couldn't stand it any longer. I tried the eczema creams at the stores. Every time any type of cream touched his face he would turn instantly red. By this point he was so red he looked like his skin had been burned. It oozed and crusted. It was so bad that he would scratch would later become infected.

After this point my PEDs doctor wanted to send us to another state. I decided he had given up with he wanted to pump us full of more antibiotics so I found a new PEDs dr.

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