Sunday, July 28, 2013

Carrot Banana Baby Food

1 lb of organic carrots
scrub thoroughly with a thick cleaning brush used on potatoes
Steam carrots until tender.

I am completely against using the microwave, but if you must that is your choice.
(Microwave directions: place in microwave safe bowl (in other words GLASS) and cover with a very wet rag and you can steam anything) start with 5 minutes.

Must use organic carrots. You obviously want what's best for your child otherwise you'd be at Walmart buying pre made baby food so just buy organic. I think all foods should be organic, but it is expensive so if you must buy chemical infused food buy from the clean dozen list. Carrots and baby food are not part of that list.

Add carrots to blender and a small amount of bottled water.
Blend until smooth.

Add organic bananas before you are ready to serve.
Blend until you reach the desired consistency.

The bananas are sweet and mask the taste of the carrots. You cannot go wrong with the number of bananas. Keep in mind though that they are binding so if your child has bowl problems you don't want to create a constipation issue and should supplement an off meal with something enriched with fiber.

Smoothie option: blend carrot mixture (or juice), coconut milk and frozen bananas. We freeze the bananas (peeled) so we do not have to use ice. My daughter loves this combination. If you need sugar which you shouldn't buy vanilla flavored coconut milk in the cartoninstead it's packed with sugar.

We were eating this every morning for breakfast. The carrots are packed with vitamin A. I have read that eating too much Vitamin C with a rash will make the rash worse so vitamin A us important. I have noticed an increase in vitamin C specifically pineapple causes him to itch and break out.

Since we are now having a bad reaction to coconut milk, I have supplemented it for almond milk and then switched to rice milk. I would not recommend any type of SOY product by any means. (another rant for another night). The best option is coconut milk because of the health benefits if you are not allergic and how you can buy it. You can find coconut milk in its purest form. The more ingredients added to the food the less natural it becomes. I am sorry but there is NOTHING natural about adding any type of flavor whether one calls it natural flavor or not.

Rice milk is nowhere near as thick as coconut milk or healthy but is a healthier option then a lot of things out there including soy.

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