Sunday, July 28, 2013

Mashed Peas

Organic Peas

Organic Peas

The first food we introduced was mashed peas. I know people think bananas or pears or generally gravitate towards fruit. I have figure that if someone gave me something sweet like peaches there would be no way I would then eat peas. At least until he is 5 years old I will be packing in as many vegetables as I can.

Peas are loaded with anti inflammatory properties and great for intestines. I figure Jace could use all the intestinal help he can get.

Rice cereal is another story in itself. To me there is nothing nutritional about rice. Sumo wrestlers eat rice to stay large not cheese burgers. Plus the rice cereal isn't just mashed rice it's dehydrated processed flakes or powder that has to be enriched with something to make it actually nutritious. Not to mention packed with arsenic. (Seriously!) Unless your child is underweight by extreme measures why would you add the extra calories? Even then I wouldn't start with rice cereal. It's a bunch of empty calories.

When does someone start introducing food: we waited till 7 months because we breastfeed. Had I been a formula mom I would've started as soon as possible like 4-5 months. It depends on your child but to me Organic fruit and Vegetables seems better than a lot of soy dairy and wheat enriched with vitamins. Just my opinion for now.

Organic frozen peas

Canned peas are disgusting just don't even go there. Also stop to consider why the jar baby food peas are a disgusting poop brown while homemade peas are a vibrant luscious green. I don't have an answer for you on that but it's startling how different they are.

Check where the product originates from. It might sound silly but I won't buy food from China. I also think the further away the origin the longer it sat on a plane, boat or truck. Think I am being silly... start paying attention, most items at the regular grocery store will be from China. Also it changes. Items I buy every week I still check and quite often if the US is out if stock the stamp will say Canada or if at a conventional store it says China.

Steam entire bag of peas.
Time depending on method and amount. I steamed until brilliant green and soft. If you steam too long or over cool them, they will wrinkle and look more like grapes making it hard to mix.

Blend cooked peas with a small amount of water. Add water sparingly to get to desired consistency.

Blend thoroughly to allow the hull of the peas or shells to be fully mashed. Freeze it in portions of 2oz cubes.

Be carful not to feed the food to baby when it's piping hot, but when you prepare it you want to heat it evenly.

We started with one food item a week but we are checking for allergies. You might not need to keep it consistent that long but I make baby food once a week this time. With my daughter it was an on going effort. I will explain why in another post.

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