Sunday, July 28, 2013

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Peek a boo

Peek a boo

The Chiropractor's theory might be a bit odd to most. This was the first time I noticed a difference in his condition. He started with his muscle testing and then offered a correction to combat the allergy.

At first Jace would get worse and then by the next day he looks somewhat better. Every week we went 3 to 4 times a week with the same results.

The problem: EVERYTHING we tried Jace was allergic to and if he wasn't allergic at the visit he soon developed an allergy later. He was showing a reaction to fabric, disposable diapers, polyester, his car seat, blankets even water.

Some items that he wasn't allergic to caused no change in his condition for a week or two and then all of a sudden he would get progressively worse. The latest is coconut. He wasn't considered allergic to coconut when I brought it in so I started eating it. When we started adding foods I added a small bit to see if he was okay and he broke out in hives everywhere. I stopped eating coconut and within a day he looked like he was healing. That lasted a week and this weekend he looks worse than he did before we stopped eating the coconut.

It's almost as if my child's immune system is so weak he cannot even digest food. It doesn't help that people are nosy and cruel. EVERYONE who sees him has to comment on how their child had the SAME condition and if I only stopped eating dairy or changed my soap or got steroids or stopped giving him a bath or saw a Dermatologist... If it was that easy I would have already had an answer.

We bought Organic Cotton reusable diapers. The rash on his bum has passed. I have discovered polyester is the devil. Whenever he sits in a polyester seat he turns incredibly red. We bought new organic cotton bedding. We are currently working to recover the car seat. I don't think this is the only answer but it is at least an answer.

I met a lady with a special needs child at the store. I never would've considered I have a special needs child except we go to the doctor 3-4 times a week. That is not only expensive but very high maintenance. Maybe this condition isn't life threatening although his hands and feet have turned blue and purple at one point. This condition however is life changing. The worst part my daughter suffers. She doesn't understand how much attention he needs. I cannot lay him down if he is scratching. I cannot allow him to rub his face on the floor in fear he will catch staph. She wants mommy time just as much as he needs mommy time, and I need mommy time but when there is only so much time in the day.

The problem my child has no diagnosis so everyone says he will grow out of it, but will he. I want to enjoy my child's infancy. We have yet to get baby photos of my beautiful child because he looks miserable. I feel like I am so stressed and that I am not enjoying the most amazing experience because I am too busy exfoliating dead skin from his face or covering it with ointment or oil.

I still blame myself for this. Had I not eaten this or that or gone here or done that would he have been different... I know I shouldn't and I won't ever be able to tell those answers, but I cannot help but think them.

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