Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sweet Potato Puree

Sweet Potatoes Puree
4 large washed (scrubbed and peeled) ORGANIC sweet potatoes

Kitchen Utensils:
Food Network Steamer
Ninja Blender
Beaba Food storage
Martha Stewart mason jars

Why sweet potatoes? 
I wasn't aware that sweet potatoes were NOT in the night shades family. They are sweeter than regular potatoes. They also are packed with a number of nutrients like Vitamin A. Since our boy is sick we are looking at food in terms of nutritional value rather than taste.

The 4 large sweet potatoes made enough to fill two Beaba trays with enough to eat for lunch. My thoughts were to add banana or possibly pumpkin. However, since he is so sensitive we have to start with single food items before adding additional ingredients.

Jace loves to help when we make his food. I think too him seeing it put together makes him more interested. Not to mention while mom and sister are drinking carrot smoothies the idea of eating orange puree helps him feel included.

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